Some of you may have heard jokes about furniture companies inventing sleep to sell people more beds. One could probably say the same thing about firearms being invented because ammo producers want more money. Though it is unclear who was the first to come up with such a genius idea, one thing remains clear: guns and ammunition are much less effective when used separately and are a force to be reckoned with when combined.

Life would have been much easier if all guns could use the same ammo, but that would also make the variety of firearms superfluous. Fortunately for all of us, life still became a bit easier when the opportunity to buy ammunition online arose. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores are no longer your only choice, as you can get everything you need on the internet. And do that legally, of course.

The gun ammunition is as varied as the firearms it is designed for. Handgun and rifle cartridges are different from shotgun shells, and they both have little in common with air gun pellets. Distinctive features include primer design, projectile form, and caliber.

Before we delve into different ammo types, let’s take a look at the average firearm cartridge’s structure. Every round has a case that defines the cartridge’s shape and houses all other components. In the upper part of the case, there is a projectile (or projectiles, in shotgun shells). It is the projectile that leaves the bore and inflicts damage to the target, not the whole cartridge. The propellant is the component that fuels the shooting process. Usually, it is gunpowder that emits a lot of energy and gases, when ignited. Once the pressure builds up, the propellant gases force the bullet down the barrel. But propellant does not ignite by itself. The primer is the part that is responsible for launching a propellant combustion reaction. It is usually a chemical compound that gets ignited after the firing pin’s strike and passes ignition onto the propellant.

According to primer design, there are rimfire and centerfire cartridges. Rimfire ammunition has primers located in a rim protruding from the base of the cartridge. When the trigger is pulled, the firing pin strikes the rim against the edge of the barrel breech, sparkling the primer compound which in turn ignites the propellant. Centerfire ammo features a primer, located at the center of the cartridge base. Such a primer is a separate component and can be replaced after the shot is made. Though centerfire ammunition tends to be a more reliable choice for hunting and self-defense purposes, rimfire ammo is still popular because of its relatively low price. .22 Long Rifle, for example, can be found in any ammunition store.

There are two types of projectiles: a single projectile, either a bullet or a slug (in shotgun shells), or several smaller projectiles of various forms called shots. The latter is a common projectile for shotgun shells, while bullets are associated primarily with handguns and rifles.

The last criterion left is caliber. The caliber is the internal diameter of a gun barrel bore, so it's more about a firearm itself than ammunition. The projectile needs to leave the barrel, so its size should not be an obstacle to that. In rifles and handguns, the caliber matches the bullet diameter and is measured in either inches or millimeters. Shotguns have a different measuring system - their bore diameter is called gauge. It is determined by the number of equally sized lead balls that can fit into the bore, expressed through a relation to one pound of lead. 1/12th pound lead ball fits 12 gauge shotguns, and 1/20th fits 20 gauge, as easy as that.

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