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Oh, NOOOOOOO!!! Another policy to read... To quote Dennis Leary from No Cure For Cancer: "Sorry Folks, I am a little hyped up..."

Returns and exchanges are a painful subject for any retailer, but online retailers often suffer the worst fate. While 99.99% of customers are good folks who understand the principles of Karma, a few gems find a way to poop in the honey pot that feeds everyone else. And you know who you are. They are the folks that purchase a jacket, wear it to the hunting lease, put it back in the bag and send it back to the retailer, saying: "It did not fit quite right, and I want to return it."

If these words resonate with you, please read on - this policy is for you. The rest of the folks - you may go back to shopping.

What do all of us want when shopping for gear? 
A quick, informative site, fast and easy checkout and even faster delivery. We get it, and that's our commitment to you.

Now, what happens if you get the item and you are not 100% satisfied?
You can return most items back to us within 30 days from the day of receipt for a full refund or exchange. If you missed the 30 day window, you will need to contact the manufacturer directly for possible repair, replacement, or other issues. This is an agreement we have with most of our manufacturers and that is how they want us to handle your returns. If you are not able to find contact information for the brand you purchase, we can put you in touch with the manufacturer using our connections. All this said, we will not kick you to the curb after we sell you the product.

IMPORTANT! (this is for that 0.0001% of geniuses out there) - ALL RETURNS are subject to Return Conditions. Items must be returned in NEW condition. That means that they have not been used (as in - at all), worn, mounted, broken in or manipulated in any way. They must be packaged in the original manufacturer's packaging and all of the original contents must be included. If an item was inside of a plastic blister pack and the plastic pack is cut open and/or broken, you will need to return it directly to the manufacturer.

It is crucial to thoroughly inspect your firearm for any defects while receiving it from your local dealer. Please note that all firearm sales are considered final. Once the firearm has been officially transferred to your name, we cannot accept it back for return or exchange under any circumstances. If a defect is discovered after the transfer is complete, please reach out directly to the firearm manufacturer for assistance with repairs or potential replacements. If you believe the firearm misses any part or has a manufacturer's defect, please contact us via email at [email protected].

Absolutely no return of ammunition is accepted, all ammunition sales are final unless specified by our customer service team.

If you return the items purchased within 30 days of delivery following the guidelines and conditions outlined in the Return Policy and related documents, you will not be charged restocking fees. However, some items and conditions are excepted from this policy, you can read more about them in the Q&A section below.

Without exception, ALL RETURNS and EXCHANGES require you to procure a Return Authorization or (RA) Number. To request an RA number, you will need to contact us via the preferred communication method for you. IMPORTANT: RA Numbers are only good for 10 days after issuance and will not be valid if you fail to return the item outside that window. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

If something in this policy is unclear or if you believe your situation deserves specialized response, do not hesitate to contact us.

For the 2023 holiday season, items shipped by between November 1 and December 31 can be returned until 31 January 2024, subject to our listed return guidelines on this page.

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Additional Return And Exchanges Questions

Q: How much time do I have from the time of purchase to return a product back to
A: 30 days. But we measure it not from the date of purchase, but from the date of delivery to you (as per delivery confirmation).

Q: What should I do if I missed the window, but I still want to return the product?
A: You will need to contact manufacturer/brand directly to address your concern. We can provide contact information for the brand if you have difficulty locating it.

Q: I want to return the item and I am within the 30 day return/exchange window - what is my first step?
A: Contact us by email, phone or fax with the following information:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your contact email/phone
  3. Your original order number
  4. Reason for return
  5. Subject line should read: RA (Return Authorization) Request

Upon receipt of your request, we will review and process it. Please allow 48-72 hours (depending on the time of the year) to process and issue a RA to you.

You will need to write the RA number on the outside of the box you will be shipping the item back to us in. If you are including original packing list with the return, write the RA number on it as well.  

If we respond to you by email (99% of the cases), we will send you a RA form. This form MUST be included with your return. We reserve the right to reject and return to you at your cost any package that does not have a RA number on it.

Once you package your return into the box, include the RA form, and write the RA on the outside of the box - you can ship your return back to us.

Q: How long does it take to process my return?
A: On average it takes us between 3 and 10 business days (depending on the time of the year and the volume of returns) to process a RA upon receipt of it from the shipping company.

Q: Will I be notified when my return is processed?
A: Yes, once we process the return - we will notify you in regards to either a refund or exchange, depending on your situation and your request.

Q: What requirements do I need to adhere to in order for to process returned goods and issue a refund?
A: It's not complicated really! In fact it's very common sense. Here's a list:

  1. All items must be new (as in the same condition as when they arrived to you).
  2. Items cannot be returned if they have been used, worn, mounted, exposed to elements, tested, assembled into something bigger or disassembled for any reason.
  3. Items have to be in the original manufacturer's packaging.
  4. Items cannot be returned if the original packaging is missing, lost, damaged or destroyed. If item arrived inside a blister plastic pack, it can only be returned directly to manufacturer.
  5. Items should have all of their original accessories, manuals, batteries, etc. when returned.
  6. If you received a free gift or a promotional item with purchase, it has to be returned in order for you to receive full refund. If the promo item/free gift is not returned with purchase, we will deduct retail value of the non returned item from your refund.
  7. All returned packages must have a RA on the outside of the shipping carton.

Q: Does charge restocking fees?
A: As a rule of thumb, does not charge restocking fees on items returned in compliance with our return policy. On any returns that are not compliant for any reason mentioned above, we reserve the right to charge up to 15% in restocking fees plus any applicable fees resulting from failure to return promotional items/free gifts.

Q: If I want to exchange what I bought for another item - what is the process?
A: Exchanges are easy. You simply need to indicate that you want to exchange when you contact us for a RA. Your RA will have the information about the item you want to exchange the return for. If there is a price difference, you will either be asked to provide payment details or we will issue refund for the balance after the shipment of the exchange takes place.

Q: I just want a refund - what should I do?
A: At the time of your RA request, simply state that all you want is a refund. We will review your return upon receipt, and if it is in compliance with policy, we will issue 100% refund.

Q: The item arrived defective - what should I do?
A: You have 2 options in this case. If you are within the 30 day window, you can return the item to us or to the the manufacturer for an exchange/refund. If you are outside the 30 day return window, you will need to return the item to the manufacturer for warranty evaluation. In our experience, speaking to the manufacturer about warranty defects results in faster product turn around times and often customers get upgraded to newer models. This is not guaranteed, but it has been the case many times in the past.

Q: I received an item different from what I ordered - now what?
A: You will need to notify our customer service department and we will take care of it. We will provide you with a return label for the mis-shipped product and process an order for reshipment. Reshipment will be sent when we receive the first item back. If you are not willing to wait for the reshipment to take place upon return of your product, you will be asked for payment to secure the reshipment. The refund will be made to your account upon receipt of the first item delivered to you by mistake.

Q: Are there any exceptions to the return policy that I need to be aware of?
A: At this time, will not accept returns or exchanges for the following:

  • Firearms that have been transferred from the dealer to the end user.
  • Installed goods, such as scopes, rings, mounts, flashlights, etc. that have been mounted or assembled into a weapon platform.
  • Special order/custom order items - e.g., built to spec firearms, firearms with changed out sights, promotional items, etc.
  • Hazardous items (as identified on individual product pages).

Q: I placed a special/custom order over the phone and now I want to return it - what are my options?
A: We handle these on a case by case basis and most times we will have to assess restocking fees which may exceed 15% of the value depending on the product.

Q: I ordered a large quantity of items and I do not need all of them and would like to return my leftovers - what is the process?
A: If you bought large quantity of items at a regular price, you can return the remaining items as long as you follow the guidelines above. If you received a volume discount, you can return the items, but your original order will be recalculated to be based on the non-discounted prices and the credit will be based on this calculation. 

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