Bow Sights

Bow Sights

Bow Sights

It seems that you need only two items for archery: a bow and arrows. However, any archer strives for accurate shooting with the ability to quickly adjust the aiming points to get an excellent result. This is especially important while hunting. The best option in such cases is to use a bow sight.

A sight is a device that is designed to visually align a bow with a target. Bow sights do not have any magnification capabilities. However, magnification is not always required. If your target is too close, the sight will not help you shoot accurately. 

If you shoot in a stall position, you will definitely need a sight. Even the most professional athletes or hunters can’t be sure of the accuracy of the shots if their bow is not equipped with a sight.

You should take into consideration that the more expensive the device is, the better its optics and the higher the performance will be. So the more expensive, the better.

How to use compound bow sights?

Compound bow sights have a special system with many indicators and the ability to adjust various parameters:

  • A built-in bubble level helps to assess the tilt of the bow. You should be sure that you maintain the average level form while shooting. 
  • A fiber optic ring glows in the dark. If you have lighted bow sights, be careful not to break a fiber. 
  • A maximum shooting range. The bow sight increases the distance of accurate shooting.

The best bow sights are manufactured utilizing modern сomputer numerical control machines, which ensures the incredible precision of the devices. The bow sights for hunting are made of lightweight aluminum alloys. Many models are available for both right and left-handed users.

The principle of work of red dot compound bow sights is simple. A light-emitting diode transmits a beam to the optic front glass. The smaller the dot is, the more accurate your shot will be. 

Extreme bow sights are mounted on the handle on the front edge of the bow. The devices can be easily removed and folded, which is convenient during transportation.

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