Hunting Pants

Hunting Pants

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While the majority of garments can be taken off during your hunting trips, pants are going to stay on you till the end. For that reason, hunting pants should be chosen with particular attention. They directly affect your mobility in one of two ways: either restricting it or not. As such, the importance of a good pair of hunting pants should not be underestimated.

Types of Hunting Pants

When choosing hunting pants, it is important to pay attention to the type of pants that best suit your needs. While hunting pants often match the pattern of hunting jackets, this is not an obligatory rule. There are various types of hunting pants available on the market, each designed for a specific purpose. Camo hunting pants help you blend in with your environment and remain undetected by animals. Insulated hunting pants keep you warm in cold weather conditions and waterproof hunting pants protect you from precipitations, such as rain and snow. Often several features can be combined in a single pair of pants, making them suitable for multiple purposes and environments.

Here, on Gritr Sports, you can choose from a wide array of hunting pants for men and women. Whether you are after a pair of upland hunting pants for your next pheasant or turkey trip or cold-weather hunting pants for winter hunts, we got you covered. We work with such brands as Sitka, Drake, Kryptek and others to bring you only top-notch products.