Scent Eliminators

Scent Eliminators

Scent Eliminators

Every successful hunter knows that scent control is vital to success, and now you can stay nearly undetectable with the latest scent control technology at Whether you need scent eliminators to transport your apparel to and from the stand, or devices to use while in the stand, we have the best scent blocking gear available. We even have devices you can plug directly into your vehicle while you drive to the blind.

Declare war on your scent with the top scent eliminators from the best brands at, your gun and hunting store powered by freedom.

What is a scent eliminator and how does it work?

A scent eliminator is a product that hunters use to mask or eliminate their natural human scent while hunting. It works by neutralizing the odor-causing molecules that are produced by your body and clothing, making it harder for game animals to detect your presence.

How do I use a scent eliminator effectively?

To use a scent eliminator effectively, start by washing your hunting clothes in unscented detergent and then spraying them with the product before you head out into the field. Be sure to focus on areas where odors tend to accumulate such as underarms, groin area, and feet. You can also spray down any equipment like backpacks or tree stands that you'll be using during your hunt.

Are scent eliminators safe for the environment?

Most scent eliminators are safe for the environment when used as directed. However, some products may contain chemicals that could harm plants or wildlife if sprayed directly on them. It's best to read the label carefully and follow all instructions when using any type of scent eliminator in order to minimize any potential environmental impact.