Bandoliers & Shell Holders

Bandoliers & Shell Holders

Bandoliers & Shell Holders


A well-aimed shot is what any hunter strives for. However, without specific equipment, this is next to impossible. Reliable bullet bandoliers allow you not to be distracted by the search for cartridges in the chase of the game. 

A bandolier is a cartridge bag or cartridge belt with separate cells for every cartridge. Bandoliers should be located at your fingertips. To buy such gear or not is a matter of personal comfort. However, it’s an important accessory for easy and quick removal of cartridges. 

Bandoliers have been used as an item of hunting and military equipment since the 17th century. They have not lost their relevance and are widely used at the present time.

Bandoliers can differ in:

  • Type of access to the cartridge: open, closed.
  • The advantage of open bandoliers is quick access to cartridges. The bandolier is lightweight. The disadvantage of such models is that during active movement cartridges may fall out. Closed-type bandoliers also protect cartridges from moisture and water. 
  • Arrangement of cartridges: single-row and double-row.
  • Materials: leather, synthetic materials. 
  • Genuine leather is the most popular and durable material for cartridge bags. Leather bandoliers are more expensive than synthetic ones, but they will serve you for a long time.
  • Type of cartridges: for smooth-bore weapons and for rifled weapons.

Shotgun Shell Holder

Shell holders are a convenient accessory for shotgun owners. You can carry more ammunition due to shot shell carriers. They save you a bit of time during the reloading process since you don’t need to go far to get more cartridges for your weapon. If you are a hunter who needs quick reloading, shotgun shell carriers will be a must for you.

There are some differences between shell carriers.

  • You can buy a shotgun shell holder belt or just take an ordinary shotshell that is attached to the weapon.

  • As for the number of shot shells, that is really up to you. The average capacity is about 4-8 shells. However, some extra shells can make a big difference when you need to fire several times at your target.

GRITR Sports offers to buy hunting bandoliers and shell holders to make your next hunt trip comfortable.