Almost as pleasant as opening a gift box on a Christmas morning, the Open Box category welcomes you with a warm embrace. What does Open Box mean, you might ask? The title that has been chosen for that category, couldn’t be better. Open-Box products are those that were unpacked but then returned to the retailer for some reason. It shouldn’t necessarily be damaged or defective - we won’t dare resell these items. The reason for returning might be pretty mundane: the customer didn’t like the color, the item didn’t fit them the way they expected, or they might have simply changed their mind. You have the chance to get a brand new item at a considerably lower price. 

There are also other cases. We accept returns within 30 days from the moment of receiving. As a result, some of the open box items might have seen some use. We issue a refund only after we examine the returned item and would never accept it if it’s heavily damaged. Open Box items might show some wear and have slight cosmetic defects, but that’s why we sell those items at a discounted price. 

We would never leave you doubting whether the item was used for some time or returned soon after the receipt. All items falling into the Open Box sale category are divided into two groups.

Damaged Package

Items that are marked with this description have seen close to no use. The only thing that differs them from brand new ones is defective packaging. Damaged package items look like new ones, except for the original packaging being damaged. If you buy such an item, be sure that it’s in brand new condition.

Great condition, Limited Use

The second type has everything in the title. We won’t accept items that have been extensively used and definitely won’t resell them to our customers. We closely inspect every item to determine its condition. Such items tend to receive bigger discounts than Damaged package products.

Refurbished Items

Some stores also sell so-called refurbished items - products that have been broken but later repaired and returned to almost new-like condition. Gritr Sports does not accept damaged items or issue refunds for them unless there are manufacture-caused defects.

Here you can find all Gritr Sport’s Open Box deals.