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A crossbow is a type of weapon, which is designed for hunting or sports shooting. Hunting with a hand crossbow was one of the favorite pastimes of kings in the late Middle Ages. The invention of firearms completely replaced crossbows, and they were forgotten for many years. However, recently this weapon has gained popularity again.

Up-to-date crossbows differ from their medieval counterparts in a more reliable design, improved aerodynamic qualities, and high accuracy. Manufacturers of modern hunting crossbows pay special attention not only to the quality of the materials but also to practicality and safety. Many models are equipped with a sight and a firing pin. Thanks to a wide range of products, every hunter can choose the best crossbow according to their needs.

Types of Crossbows

  • Recurve Crossbows. Such crossbows are considered classic models. They are durable, reliable, and compact. Moreover, they are convenient to hold and carry. The weapon is suitable for hunting small game. Such a lightweight crossbow is easy to set up and easy to maintain.
  • Compound Crossbows. It’s a common type of weapon that is suitable for hunting large animals such as wild boars, elks, and other game. The main feature of this type of a crossbow is silence. This is the most powerful hunting crossbow. The complex design of the model significantly increases its performance, but at the same time significantly increases the weight. This is an excellent bear crossbow. But for shooting small animals, such crossbows are almost useless, since their heavy arrows cause too much damage.
  • Pistol Crossbows. As it goes from the name, such a weapon is similar to a pistol. Such crossbows are suitable for medium and long distances. The advantages of such weapons are not only their small size but also the versatility of the ammo. You can shoot with darts, special metal balls, or harpoons. Such a crossbow can be used for completely different types of hunting.

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