Firearms weren’t the first thing designed to replace bows or at least make them more effective. Crossbows utilize the same launch principle as bows, but they work differently. An archer has to manually draw and keep the bowstring pulled while aiming, which calls for a significant amount of strength and expertise. Crossbows, on the other hand, only require the shooter to pull the string in a lock position where the locking mechanism keeps it maintained, sparing crossbowmen the pain of holding it manually. The shot is released by depressing a trigger, pretty much like with firearms. Crossbows played a significant role in the warfare of European and East Asian warfare, becoming the first ranged weapons that were cheap, undemanding, and easy to master. Today, they are majorly used for hunting and competitive shooting. Gritr Sports boasts a wide selection of crossbows for sale. There are several types of crossbows to choose from, the majority of them produced by such industry experts as TenPoint, Excalibur, and PSE Archery.  

Recurve Crossbows

The recurve design of crossbows can be called a traditional one since it was the first to appear. It owes its name to the curved ends of the bow that help keep the strings in place and add power. Such crossbows are easy to maintain due to the low number of mechanized elements but are more difficult to draw and less powerful than other types. 

Compound Crossbows

If you are looking for ultimate hunting crossbows, compounds are just what you need. The mechanism of a compound crossbow generates tension you won’t get from recurve ones. Unlike recurve crossbows, compounds utilize a system of cables and pulleys to bend more rigid limbs. This means less effort when pulling and more power when shooting. It’s not all sunshine and roses, though. Because of the high number of mechanized parts, it takes an expert to fix them. 

Reverse Limb Crossbows

Reverse limb crossbows are the reimagined version of compounds, with the mechanisms mounted along the crossbow. That changes their gravity center and makes them less front-heavy, so they are much easier to operate than regular crossbows. The string and cables of a reverse limb crossbow are mounted at a lower draw weight, which allows for smoother shots.

Gritr Sports has many archery crossbows for sale. In addition to the already mentioned styles, we also have a modest selection of one-handed pistol crossbows, perfect for shooting small game at short distances.