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One might think that firearms are the key element of every hunting trip or range shooting session. One might be absolutely right. At the end of the day, you cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. And you cannot shoot without something to shoot from. Or with, to that extent, so ammo is equally crucial. However, underestimating the role attending gear plays might backfire at one moment or another. You might be the most precise shooter in the neighborhood, but for how long can you endure the chilling wind and annoying rain? What’s the point of having a good eye if your prey spots you even before you can take aim? And God forbid you to shoot at a range without ear protection. What we are trying to say is it is equally vital to have a good gun and good gear. It may save your life one day. Or at least keep out of harm's way.

If we talk about hunting gear, Gritr Sports is second to none in the variety of items. There are many avid hunters among our ranks, so we have a very clear idea of what equipment might be handy. First of all, we have loads of hunting apparel and footwear geared for all kinds of terrain: forest, mountain, desert, tundra, you name it. And, of course, all items are of the best make. If you are somewhat familiar with the market, you will see names of the best brands on our list. Gritr Sports has a rich collection of Sitka hunting gear, Banded hunting gear, as well as products of Kings Camo, Beretta, and 5.11 Tactical. And that’s only apparel! You can also find hunting blinds, game calls, decoys - basically, everything you might need.

Should you look for tactical gear, we can offer you tactical belts, chest rings, flashlights, and much more. Gritr Sports also has many items for self-defense (in addition to firearms themselves, of course). If you are a dedicated shooting range visitor, we have the means to protect your ears and eyes from anything that may come your way. We also have equipment for less serious shooting events, like paintball.

Last but not least, this is also the place to get equipment for sports archery. Be it bows, crossbows, or accessories to match them all - you can find them here.