Rifle Grips

Rifle Grips

A rifle grip, as the name suggests, is the part of the rifle that you hold onto. Sometimes, they are called pistol grips because the design mimics the grip on a pistol. Comfort and ergonomics should be your top priority when choosing a grip – it should not only suit its intended use but also feels right in your hand. Consider the following factors:

  • Hand Size and Orientation: Your grip should accommodate your hand size and whether you're left or right-handed.
  • Grip Angle: Decide between a reduced grip angle and a standard grip angle based on your comfort and shooting style.
  • Finger-to-Trigger Positioning: Ensure that the grip allows for optimal finger-to-trigger positioning.
  • Build Material: The material of the grip can affect its durability and feel.
  • Finish: Choose between a rubberized finish for a softer feel and a hard finish for durability.
  • Texturing: Decide between aggressive texturing for a firm grip or smooth texturing for comfort.
  • Palm Swells: Some grips come with palm swells for improved handling while others do not.
  • Finger Grooves: Finger grooves can provide additional control, but some shooters prefer a smooth front strap.

Types of AR-15 Grips

  • Angle grip (aka AR pistol grip): This type of grip is angled forward or backward to provide a more ergonomic hold. It's great for those long shooting sessions.
  • Vertical grip (aka AR forward grip, front grip, or foregrip): A foregrip is positioned on the front of the rifle, providing extra stability during rapid fire. It's a favorite among many shooters for its increased control and accuracy.
  • Skeletonized AR Grips: These are lightweight grips with sections cut out. They're perfect for those who value speed and maneuverability.

At GRITR Sports, we proudly stock some of the best AR pistol grips from top brands like Magpul, Bravo, Hogue, and Ergo. Whether you're looking for the rugged durability of Magpul, the innovative designs of Bravo, the supreme comfort of Hogue, or the brilliance of Ergo AR skeleton grips, we've got you covered. We also sell tactical AK grips.


What are the best grips for AR-15?

Some popular choices among AR-15 owners include the Magpul MOE+ Grip, the BCM Gunfighter Grip, and the Hogue OverMolded Rubber Grip.

Should you put a foregrip on an AR?

Adding a foregrip to your AR can enhance stability and control, especially during rapid fire or when shooting from the hip. It can also provide ergonomic benefits, reducing strain during extended use. However, it's not a necessity. Always consult local and federal laws before making modifications to your firearm.

Which grip is best for recoil control?

Vertical grips and angle grips are typically favored for recoil control. The vertical grip allows for a sturdy hold on the rifle, helping to manage the backward force during firing. Angle grips, on the other hand, allow the hand to be positioned in a way that can better absorb the recoil. However, the "best" grip for recoil control can vary depending on the individual shooter's strength, technique, and preference.