Air Rifles

Air Rifles

What picture comes to your mind when you hear someone talking about air guns? Some kid with a plastic toy gun or a grown man riddling soda cans with BBs in his backyard? The air gun world is rich and includes plenty of designs that differ in power, style, and caliber. There are air pistols that include both replicas of live revolvers and semi-auto pistols and individual models developed without reference to the existing models. Also, there are air rifles that may look like classic bolt-action or lever-action rifles or mimic AR-pattern rifles and carbines.

But what’s the point of having an air rifle? What can you do with one besides backyard plinking? Let’s enlarge on that.

Why Consider an Air Rifle

If you plan on buying an AR15-style firearm like an M4 carbine or the MK18 from Daniel Defense, an airgun replica can help polish up your skills and prepare you for handling a live rifle. For example, Lancer Tactical manufactures beautiful airsoft rifles that retain all controls and design features of their live counterparts. If you’re into tactical activities, an air rifle will help you focus more on maneuvering, handling controls, aiming, accurate shooting, and fast reloading.

A CO2 pellet gun can also become an addition to the firearm collection of an avid shooter. What benefits does it bring? Range plinking becomes cheap because pellets and BBs are considerably inexpensive even compared to the cheapest .22 LR ammo. Also, you won’t be running from one shop to another searching for rounds because the availability of airgun ammo isn’t affected by an ongoing ammo shortage. No felt recoil and quiet report make shooting an air rifle a true delight.

Air Rifle for Hunting

You may know that an air rifle is a viable alternative to a live rifle for pest control, but do you know that you can actually hunt with it. Air rifle range is limited to several dozens of yards which is enough for many hunting scenarios. You can use a CO2 air rifle for hunting small species like rabbits and squirrels. Or you can head out to the field and harvest a bigger game. Just make sure your state allows it and your caliber is sufficient. Air rifle deer hunting has become a reality with technology advancements, so many hunters choose, for example, a powerful PCP gun as their prime hunting weapon and successfully knock down bucks from a treestand or a blind.

At Gritr Sports, you’ll find different airsoft designs, from M4 pump pellet guns to traditional-looking bolt-action air rifles to fun automatic BB guns. We carry air arms manufactured by such trusted brands as Crosman, Benjamin Sheridan, Lancer Tactical, KWA, and many others.