If every time you see a rifle your heart yearns to snatch it and depart for the nearest forest to chase a buck, this category is for you. If you prefer your guns big and enjoy bracing them with both your hands, this category is for you. If you value variety in firearms and take fancy in customizing your own gun, this category is for you. Rifles, ladies and gentlemen, and all who may be interested. 

Hunting rifles

Everyone who values precision (and that is every single shooter) knows that rifles can boast unparalleled accuracy, hardly reachable for handguns and unattainable for shotguns. Originally named rifle guns, rifles are long-barreled firearms that have grooved (rifled) bore walls. They are the primary choice for any hunter and are widely used by range shooters. The variety of actions and calibers makes rifles the most diversified firearm category. Bolt-action rifles are frequent fliers in hunters’ arsenals. Lever action is another type of firearm action that is dominated by rifles. Even though bolt-action rifles outperformed lever-action ones, modern technologies gave levers another chance to enter the race and become competitive once again. Henry Repeating Firearms, Mossberg, and Marlin are currently the main manufacturers of lever-action rifles. Pump-action rifles assimilate shotgun-dominated action to bring its users the fastest operation of all three types. They also generate little recoil and thus don’t throw the gun off the aim. The primary producers of pump-action rifles are Marlin, Browning, and Remington. Semi-automatic rifles are a new generation of self-loading firearms that bring shooters unmatched fire rates and reduced recoil.

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What are the main types of rifles?

The main classification of rifles is based on their action type. As such, there are bolt-action, semi-automatic, lever-action, and pump-action rifles. Each type has its unique characteristics and uses.

What are the most popular rifle calibers?

Some of the most commonly used rifle calibers include the .22 Long Rifle for small game hunting and target shooting, .223 Remington and 5.56x45mm NATO for varmint hunting and tactical applications, .308 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield for big game hunting, and .338 Lapua Magnum for long-range shooting.

What are the most popular rifle platforms?

The rifle platforms are quite numerous, but the most popular are AR-15, AK-47, Remington 700, Ruger 10/22 and Marlin 336.

How are tactical and hunting rifles different?

Tactical and hunting rifles serve different purposes and have distinct features. Hunting rifles are primarily designed for game hunting. They often have a high degree of accuracy for single shots at a distance. Most hunting rifles are bolt-action or lever-action and have a smooth, streamlined design to avoid snagging on the brush. On the other hand, tactical rifles are designed for defensive or offensive combat situations. They usually have semi-automatic or automatic firing capabilities, allowing for rapid multiple shots. These rifles often have additional features like accessory rails for attaching lights, and other tactical gear.