Hunting Blinds

Hunting Blinds

Hunting Blinds

Have you ever been in a situation where you stalked a game for a long time and, in a crucial moment, blew it off because of one awkward movement? Well, this is exactly the situation where you could use a hunting blind for your benefit.

Let’s break down the benefits you can get from using hunting blinds.

First, obviously, they provide concealment, so you don’t need to control every movement and noise. You can stay relaxed for a longer time, and then be able to take a precise shot. Moreover, with scent eliminators, hunting blinds conceal body odor.

Hunting blinds provide better shooting angles as well. With 360 hunting blinds, you’ll be able to observe the whole hunting spot, and a window system will ensure a great deal of angle choice.

One more benefit is protection against environmental conditions, elements, and animals.

So, what type of hunting blinds to choose? If you google them, you’ll come across lots of various options.

Ground hunting blinds

Those are fabric boxes intended to be placed right on the grass or bare ground. Popup and portable hunting blinds fall under this category. They have enough space for two people to have comfortable waiting, preparing, and shooting time, come in various camo patterns to match the surrounding, and are lightweight for easy assembly and relocation. They protect against wind and rain but have little to offer against aggressive animals.

Elevated hunting blinds

An elevated tower blind looks like a cabin standing on legs. It provides increased visibility, so you’ll be able to notice an animal quicker than from the ground. Besides, an animal has fewer chances to spot you because elevated blinds are out of an animal’s line of sight. Yet, tower blinds are far less portable and harder to assemble.

Treestand blinds work practically the same way, but provide less comfort because of the limited space available.

Plastic hunting blinds

Well, they are what the name says: ground hunting blinds made of plastic. Naturally, they ensure better wind and water resistance and reduce noises, but you can forget about portability.

Specialized blinds are goose, duck, and deer hunting blinds.

For deer hunt, you can go for any ground or elevated blind described above. Duck blinds are intended for use around the water and can conceal several hunters and a boat. Popup models made of nylon or other man-made material make great duck hunting blinds. Goose blinds look like sleeping bags for you to stay on one level with birds and shoot when they fly above you.

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