Air Gun Pellets

Air Gun Pellets

Air Gun Pellets

Ranged weapons are only useful as long as there is ammunition to shoot. Not that you can’t use them in melee, but it is not what they do best. It would have been very inconsistent of us to sell firearms without supplying ammunition, and the same goes for air guns. Not only do we have a rich collection of air guns, but also dozens of various air gun pellet options available. Even though less complicated in construction, air pellets require much attention from a potential buyer to choose the best ones. To make things easier for you, we’ve gathered the products of the most reliable brands right on this page. The only thing left is to make a decision. Here are the options you have.

Air Gun Pellet Types

There are several types of air pellets classified according to different characteristics. Diabolo pallet is the most common design found in air gun pellets. They feature a solid front portion and can have several designs of the head while the rear portion looks relatively similar from pellet to pellet. There are more than five front-end profile designs, including wadcutter pellets, domed pellets, hollow point, and pointed pellets, hybrid pellets, and several more. Diabolo pellets received their name because of their hourglass-shaped form and are currently the most common design found in airguns. 

Slug pellets feature cylinder-conoidal-shaped cases that have more contact surface with the bore and thus need greater propelling force to overcome friction. Slug pellets are reserved for more powerful modern PCP air rifles. 

Lead Pellets

Lead has traditionally been the primary material for air gun pellets. It is a cheap and soft heavy metal that doesn’t cause abrasion to the inside of the barrel. Its softness comes into play upon contacting the target: it deforms, unable to retain its shape, and leaves a larger wound. Lead pellets are favored by hunters but are not the only pellets on the market.

Alloy Pellets

Lead-free pellets utilize non-lead alloys or plastic in their construction. They are much lighter than lead pellets and thus can reach supersonic velocities. Even though they cause less damage, they lack the toxicity of lead and are preferred by those who strive to avoid lead contamination.

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