Pistol Components

Pistol Components

Pistol Components

Unlike a revolver, which is a pretty straightforward and self-contained gun that offers little room for upgrades, a semi-automatic pistol can accept lots of them. If you’ve been looking for pistol parts that can positively influence the handling experience, you got to the right place because Gritr Sports has plenty of stuff to offer to gun enthusiasts who want to squeeze as much as possible out of their pistols.

We carry a wide range of various pistol components, from practical things like firing pins and stickers to aesthetic upgrades like custom laser-engraved slide back plates. Since 9mm is the most popular defensive caliber, we stock many 9mm handgun accessories for Glock (19, 17, etc.), Sig Sauer (P320, P365, etc.), Beretta 92, CZ P-10, H&K MP5, S&W, and so on. However, we also offer components and parts for 1911 pistols and revolvers.

Pistol Parts & Accessories

One of the things that you might want to change in your Glock or Sig is the slide. The pistol slide plays a crucial part in cycling, extracting spent rounds and loading fresh ones. Though factory slides of the mentioned semi-auto pistols tend to be high-quality, there’s still room for improvement. Your custom Glock slide, for example, may have a non-standard finish that looks more appealing to you, lightening cuts that accelerate the action cycle, optic cuts, and serrations. 

Aftermarket textured grip panels for pistols provide a superior grip, which improves control over your handgun. However, we also carry decorative side grip panels for 1911 pistols. We recommend you check out the products of Hogue.

Another pistol upgrade that you might want is an extended magazine release. A proper mag release shouldn’t interfere with your pointing and shooting action, but, at the same time, it shouldn’t be too far away. If you have small hands and have issues hitting mag release while maintaining proper grip, an extended mag release may be your salvation. The same is true for extended slide releases.

If you want to speed up your reloads, you may want a new flared Sig/S&W/Glock magwell that acts as a guide for smoothing magazine insertions.

At Gritr Sports, you’ll also find trigger springs, striker springs, recoil springs, pin kits, hammers, guide rods, and other pistol attachments and parts.