Other Calibers

Other Calibers

Other Calibers

If we created a subcategory for every ammo caliber sold on this website, you’d need a really tall screen to see all of them at once. The variety of modern rifle calibers is both a blessing and a curse. It’s nice to have some choice when it comes to chambering, but sometimes, it’s so overwhelmingly extensive you start to think three calibers would have been more than enough. On this page, we’ve gathered all rifle ammo that didn’t make it into the major ammo categories. Not because of their inferiority but because of their lesser quantity. Here are some of the rifle calibers you can find on this page.

6.5mm Creedmoor Ammo

No one would dare call a 6.5mm Creedmoor an unpopular caliber, at least no one knowledgeable enough. It hasn’t been around for as long as some other calibers but has managed to occupy a certain niche within those 14 years. Here, you can find 6.5 Creedmoor ammo featuring different loads. There are loads as light as 95Gr fit for varmint shooting and as heavy as 140Gr for big game animals. Hornady can offer you both.    

.270 Winchester Ammo

The good old .270 Winchester celebrates its 100-anniversary this year, yet being outdated is not something this caliber has to fear. If anything, 270 Win ammo is time-tested, and nothing appeals to people as reliability, proven by ages. It’s a well-known deer hunting caliber, so you won’t see any light loads here. The 270 Winchester ammo is available in loads varying from 130Gr to 150 Gr. If you are looking for exemplary performance, take a look at the Federal and Remington versions. 

.22 Long Rifle Ammo

How could we forget about our rimfire friend? The .22 LR is one of the most popular handgun calibers that is not uncommon for rifles. It doesn’t enjoy top positions or anything, but its overwhelming popularity didn't leave rifle manufacturers any choice. The 22 Long Rifle is a great caliber for introducing kids and rookies to firearms. The .22LR ammo loads vary from 20Gr to 40Gr. Aguila is an ammo brand known for its rimfire rounds.

.30-06 Springfield Ammo

The .30-06 Springfield had been in military service for around 70 years before giving way to other well-known calibers. However, it didn’t quit the scene and took on the supporting role. The .30-06 remains a very popular sporting round and all major ammunition producers have their own iteration. The 150Gr is the most popular load for .30-06 Springfield ammo, though there are heavier loads to be found. Winchester Ammo, for example, produces .30-06 ammo loaded with 180Gr. 

That is not the complete list of ammo calibers you can find here, on Gritr Sports. We also have ammo for less popular calibers such as 7mm Rem Mag ammo, .450 Bushmaster ammo, .458 Lott ammo, and much more.