Choke Tubes

Choke Tubes

Choke Tubes

Shotguns are different from all other types of small firearms. Whereas rifles, pistols, and revolvers utilize bullet cartridges, shotguns have their own kind of ammo. Shotgun shells contain smaller sub-projectiles that discharge after being shot. Naturally, there is scatter to shotgun shots since many projectiles leave the bore at the same time and cannot fly in the same direction. This is neither good nor bad - it is just the way this firearm was designed. But the bigger area of the effect comes at the cost of a smaller shot range. Is there a way to make shotgun shots more concentrated and make them fly further? There sure is - choke tubes are the answer.

Choke tubes are a great way to turn a single shotgun into a weapon with multiple areas of effect. These tubes work similarly to garden hose nozzles. Just like a nozzle controls the spread of water, making it wider and narrower when needed, shotgun choke tubes control the spread of pellets. By determining the spread area, they also alter the shotgun's effective range. More concentrated shots can fly further and, well, inflict damage at a longer range.

There are many choke tube patterns and configurations that determine how concentrated a shot will be. The basic varieties include:

- Super-Full: this choke type has the densest shot pattern and ultra-tight construction. Often called turkey choke tubes, these devices allow for concentrated and precise headshots that are essential for turkey hunting.

- Full: The list goes in descending order, so full choke tubes produce less concentrated yet still dense shots. They deliver 70% of all gun pellets in a 30-inch circle at 40 yards. Full choke tubes are a valid choice for turkey hunting, trap shooting, and waterfowl hunting.

- Modified: These tubes deliver 60% of shell pellets in a 30-inch circle at 40 yards. A modified choke tube will be of little help at turkey hunting but is quite useful for upland hunting and small-game shooting.

- Improved Cylinder: The tendency remains the same: 10% fewer pellets at the same distance. Improved cylinder chokes can be handy when shooting waterfowl close over a decoy and pursuing upland birds like pheasants and quails. 

- Cylinder: We reach 40% of pellets delivered. That is an often choice of law enforcement officers for service shotguns.

- Skeet: Last but not least, skeet chokes deliver 50% of shell pellets at 25 yards. They are most beneficial for close-range skeet shooting, which you’ve probably understood from the name. 

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