Handgun magazines

Handgun magazines

Handgun magazines

Handguns are by far the most popular type of firearm: about 83% of gun owners have one. Even more than that, about half of adults who don’t currently own a gun say they could see themselves owning one at some point. The popularity of handguns is perfectly understandable. By exercising the civil right to own and carry firearms, people increase their chances of successfully protecting themselves should they be attacked. In addition to being a means of self-protection, handguns can also be a tool for enjoyment. Range shooting is an extremely popular activity, and handguns are the most popular weapon of choice when perfecting marksmanship. Handgun magazines always come in pairs with handguns themselves, for there is no way to shoot one without the other. Our pistol magazine collection comprises mags of all major handgun calibers as well as some less widespread options.

9mm Magazines

The disputes about the most popular handgun caliber seem to be never-ending, but 9mm constantly ranks among the top candidates for the first place. The choice of 9mm magazines is quite abundant, and we did our best to gather all the best models in one category. Since 9mm is a caliber utilized equally by handguns and rifles, you can find magazines fit for both of those firearm types. Be it Glock 9mm magazines or AR-15 9mm magazines, you are sure to find a magazine fit for your particular firearm. 

45 ACP Magazines

One of several handgun exclusive calibers, .45 ACP, also known as .45 Auto, has a strong presence on the firearm market. As a result, the market of .45 ACP magazines doesn't lag behind. The list of pistol models chambered in .45 Auto is extensive, and so is the list of magazines you can find here. FNX 45 and FNP magazines, mags for 1911 pistols, and many other models and designs.  

40 S&W Magazines

Due to the cartridge dimensions, the 40 S&W caliber enjoys high-capacity magazines few other calibers do. It’s not uncommon to see mags that can hold 20, 25, or even 31rounds while retaining traditional form. Here you can find .40 S&W Glock magazines, .40 S&W 1911 magazines, and mags for a number of other gun brands and designs. 

Gritr Sports also has many other pistol magazines for sale. We sell more than 440 magazines produced by ProMag, Mecgar, and Springfield Armory only, in addition to hundreds manufactured by other brands.