Rifle Stocks & Braces

Rifle Stocks & Braces

Butt Stocks and Stabilizing Braces

Rifles would be​ very hard to use but for ​stocks. They house all the​ internal components ​and provide a ​user-friendly interface. Not ​only do they provide a ​stable platform for ​shooting, but also help ​absorb recoil. They come in​ diverse styles ​and materials to cater to ​various shooting needs and rifle​ models. On this page,​ you can find the stocks for ​Ruger 10 22, Remington​ 700, Springfield M1A ​and tons of other models. 

The AR 15 stock ​is a whole other category, ​highly sought after ​by appreciators ​of the most customizable ​rifle platform. If you are looking for a​ folding AR stock there is ​surely one here. Stabilizing braces,​ including the AR ​stabilizing brace, have ​revolutionized the firearms ​industry by aiding in recoil ​control and maintaining ​accurate target ​reacquisition. They're​ particularly useful for shooters with ​limited strength or mobility or anyone looking for ​more stability in their rifles. We also have a wide ​selection of buttstocks of all forms ​and configurations​ (at least those commonly found). Whether ​you're building a new firearm​ or upgrading an existing one, ​finding the right stock is one ​of the most crucial​ steps.

Gritr Sports boasts a wide selection of stocks for all sorts of firearms. Be it a folding stock, a butt stock or a stabilizing brace, we got you covered. We work with such industry-leading brands as Magpul, Promag, SB Tactical and others to give you the finest choice of goods.


What is a rifle stock and what is its purpose in a firearm?

A rifle stock​ is the part of the​ firearm that provides a ​point of contact between ​the shooter and the gun. It ​helps to stabilize the firearm ​against the shoulder, ​aids in aiming, and ​absorbs some of the ​recoil.

What is a folding stock and when would I use one?

A folding stock​ is a type of stock​ that can be folded ​or collapsed to make the​ firearm more compact. It is​ particularly useful for ​transportation, storage, or in ​situations where space is limited.

What is a buttstock?

A buttstock is the​ rear portion of the stock that ​rests against the ​shooter's shoulder. While​ the terms are ​often used interchangeably,​ a buttstock specifically refers ​to this rear section, ​whereas a stock refers to​ the entire unit including ​the buttstock and forend.