Rifle Receivers & Parts

Rifle Receivers & Parts

AR-15 Lower Receiver

At the core of any custom AR build, you'll find the AR-15 Lower Receivers. These foundational elements are crucial to the structure and function of the rifle. They serve as the housing for the fire control group and the magazine well, while also providing mounting points for the stock and upper receiver. You can get a complete AR-15 lower or buy a kit that contains all the requisite components such as the trigger assembly, safety selector, and takedown pins. It's important to note that the AR-15 lower receiver is the serialized segment of the firearm. This means it's regulated by law and necessitates a background check for acquisition.

AR-15 Upper Receiver

Moving onto AR-15 Upper Receivers, these components are indispensable parts of the AR rifle, containing the bolt carrier group, barrel, and handguard, which are all vital for the rifle's functionality. It also contains parts like dust covers. The AR-15 upper seamlessly connects to the lower receiver, forming the central framework of the AR-15. For those who value convenience, opting for an AR-15 complete upper is a wise decision. This choice arrives fully assembled with all its components, sparing you the task of collecting individual parts.

Gritr Sports coasts a wide range of AR uppers and lowers. We work in cooperation with such brands as Spike’s Tactical, CMMG and Aero Precision to provide the market’s finest offerings. 


What does the AR-15 Upper Receiver house?

The AR-15 Upper Receiver houses essential components like the bolt carrier group, barrel, charging handle, gas tube and handguard. These are all crucial to the rifle's functionality.

What are the main components of an AR-15 Lower Receiver?

The main components of an AR-15 Lower Receiver include the fire control group, magazine well, and mounting points for the stock and upper receiver.

What is the advantage of purchasing an AR-15 Complete Upper?

Purchasing an AR-15 Complete Upper saves you time and effort as it comes fully assembled with all its components. This spares you the trouble of gathering individual parts separately.