Rifle Bolts & Parts

Rifle Bolts & Parts

Bolt Carrier Groups, often abbreviated as BCGs, are truly the heart and soul of semi-automatic rifles, including the much-admired AR-15. They take on the crucial tasks of loading, firing, and expelling cartridges, ensuring smooth operation. Each BCG is composed of several key components: the bolt, carrier, firing pin, cam pin, and retaining pin. At GRITR Sports, you'll be sure to find the best BCG as well as BCG parts.

AR-15 BCGs

At GRITR Sports, we're well aware of the significance of consistent and dependable performance in your AR-15. That's why our inventory includes a variety of top-notch AR-15 bolt carrier groups, brought to you by industry frontrunners like Aero Precision, CMMG, and more. Aero Precision BCGs are distinguished by their exceptional engineering and steadfast dependability - they assure smooth functioning and long-lasting service. CMMG, on the other hand, is celebrated for its pioneering designs that yield unmatched performance and robustness. Regardless of your requirements or budget, we have the ideal AR-15 BCG that will enhance your AR-15 and elevate your shooting experience. Our offerings encompass everything from standard 223/5.56 BCGs to the more unique 9mm and 6.5mm Grendel.


What does a BCG do in an AR-15?

In an AR-15, the BCG serves a critical function in the operation of the firearm. It moves within the upper receiver, loading a new cartridge into the chamber, firing the cartridge, extracting the spent casing, and ejecting it out of the firearm.

What is the difference between a semi-auto and a full-auto BCG?

The main difference lies in their design. A full-auto BCG has more mass towards the rear of the carrier, which allows it to interact with an auto sear in a fully automatic rifle. Semi-auto BCGs lack this extra mass. However, both semi-auto and full-auto BCGs can be used legally in semi-automatic rifles.

What's the best AR-15 BCG?

The best AR-15 BCGs include Aero Precision Nickel Boron BCG, Colt Mil-Spec BCG, Bravo Company BCM BCG, and Palmetto State Armory Mil-Spec Phosphate BCG.