Personal Defense

Personal Defense

Personal Defense

Unfortunately, women more often become victims of attacks on the streets. There are no universal rules and safety measures that will help to avoid violence. Women are at risk regardless of their appearance, style of dress, and time of day. It is next to impossible to defend against an assaulter without the use of special tools.

Pepper Sprays

One of the most popular tools is pepper spray, which is considered to be effective and inexpensive. The item does not take up much space, so you can fit it in your pocket. And you do not need special skills in order to use it. It is important to understand that a spray can only temporarily disable the aggressor. It gives you the opportunity to escape from danger. The best pepper sprays cause tears, coughing, and difficulty breathing. However, they will not cause more serious harm to the assaulter.

There are several nuances that should be considered when choosing pepper spray for women. All devices are divided into several types depending on the type of spraying. The main ones are foggers and streams. 

The foggers are sprayed like a haze, due to which several assaulters can be attacked at once. This haze creates a veil between the attacker and the victim. With the help of streams, you can attack only one person. So, if there are several aggressors, they cannot be attacked with one click of a button. Stream pepper spray can be used at a greater distance than fogger one. 

Stun Guns

There are two major types of personal defense weapons: stun guns and tasers. In most cases, a stun gun causes spasms and pain but does not cause serious harm to health. 

Stun guns need to be applied to the attacker and held for a few seconds. Tasers are similar to a gun. You shoot from the taser, two electrodes fly out, cling to the attacker's clothing, and transmit a discharge. Such personal defense weapons can be used from a greater distance. The power of the stun gun does not depend on the size of the tool. 

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