Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots

If you ask a person about a cowboy's signature attribute, the chances are cowboy boots will be the answer. Of course, there is another obvious contender for the title, but we often see cowboys without hats but never without a pair of western boots. They are the embodiment of the American frontier spirit that lives on even after having passed its prime. Knee-high cowboy boots managed to become a universal footwear phenomenon that can fit in many looks, be it a western-inspired outfit or a casual style look. We bet the phrase cowboy boots near me lead you to this page, or maybe it was mere curiosity. Regardless, we welcome you with our whole collection of cowboy boots for men and women. 

Traditional Cowboy Boots

Being a thing of fashion, cowboy boots went through many changes in their design. Television and westerns changed the way we perceive western fashion, but the traditional design didn’t fall into oblivion. The classic cowboy boots had several distinctive features. A tall boot shaft protected the rider's leg from rubbing on the stirrup as well as shrubs and debris. Tall, angled heels that kept feet secured in the stirrup and prevented them from slipping in. There were also several toe styles. Square-toe cowboy boots were as popular as boots with rounded toes. Such boots were all about functionality, though not deprived of some embellishments. Modern cowboy boots are more decorated, yet not less functional. On this page, you can find cowboy boots tall-shaft cowboy boots produced by such industry experts as Twisted X and Corral.

Roper Boots

Roper boots are a later design that was developed to meet the demand for rodeo footwear. Such boots are more comfortable to run around in. They feature shorter shafts and low squared-off heels, with rounded toes being the dominating choice. To compensate for short shafts, lace-up designs were introduced. We have a wide selection of first-rate roper boots for men and women. Smoky Mountain Boots and Old West are renowned for their cowboy boots’ designs, and we are happy to bring them to people.

Gritr Sports pays tribute to America’s iconic era by introducing cowboy boots to our shop. Be it cowgirl boots for a western-inspired look or a pair of sturdy traditional-style cowboy boots for those who work on the land, we got you covered.