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If you are a fan of highly customizable weapons and want your firearm to have a unique futuristic look, a chassis is an option you should consider. Just like the name suggests, a firearm chassis is a metal framework that serves as an interface between the action and the shooter. You can call it a middleman, just like a regular stock. Those are actually two primary bases for firearm action. The overwhelming majority of rifles come with a stock, while chassis is an aftermarket option that brings more adjustability and allows you to customize your gun to fit your body. You could call it a more personalized option since stocks don’t allow for adjusting them in any manner. 

Firearm Chassis System

A firearm chassis system supports the action, rigidly holding it in place. As we already mentioned, it provides an interface for a shooter to operate the action. Stocks and chassis are different in several ways, the main one being the necessity of bedding. Bedding is a material (usually resin) you insert between the stock and the action so that the last is securely supported. Stocks need one, while chassis don’t, since your action is mounted on a solid piece of aluminum. 

Why bother yourself with getting a chassis and mounting firearm action on it? The main benefit a gun chassis provides is modularity. You have countless options on how to adjust your firearm and tailor the chassis system to your body. The many examples included: the length of pull - the distance from the trigger to the part of a rifle that fits against the shoulder;  the height and position of a cheek riser; the position, size, and angle of the grip; adding and withdrawing weights to adjust the weight of the gun and minimize recoil. And those are only a few options. You can change those parameters on the go, adjusting the system to fit your current shooting stance. A chassis generally takes a few minutes to install, so it's not rocket science.

Rifle Chassis For Sale

There were times when chassis were perceived as a luxurious whip for gun enthusiasts who could afford to spend over 600$ for a framework system. But those times are no more, and Gritr Sports is happy to present to you our collection of affordable rifle chassis. We work together with the leading brands of the firearm industry to bring you the best of the best. Here, you can find Midwest Industries, MasterPiece Arms, CZ, Woox chassis as well as products of other brands like Sharp Bros. and Rival Arms.