Range Gear

Range Gear

Range Gear

Before meeting with a real beast, you need to practice all the necessary actions and provide yourself with special care of your health and safety. It’s very risky and dangerous to go hunting without any range gear.

Fortunately, GRITR Sports can provide you with everything your shooting heart might desire. We offer you a wide variety of gun range gear from the top brands such as Brichwood Casey, Walker’s Game Ear, and Howard Leight.

Gun Range Gear List

Hearing Protection

Shooters are at the hearing loss risk group because of regular shooting practice over the years. That’s why every shooter needs to protect his ears with proper hearing protection while shooting. 

Earplugs are the simplest way of protection from shooting sounds. They are usually made of silicone. This material easily fits into the ear canal, takes its shape, and ensures loud noise reduction. 

Another method of hearing protection is using earmuffs. They protect your ears from the noise of shots, but at the same time they allow you to talk in them. Some earmuffs have speakers and microphones. 

Eye Protection

Experts recommend protecting your eyes with a pair of high-quality glasses. Shooting glasses protect the eyes not only from gun explosions, but also from glare, insects, and tree branches. 

Some models can improve your shooting accuracy with the help of multicoloured lenses. Yellow and orange lenses improve your visibility in foggy areas. The brighter the yellow color of the lens is, the better it works in haze conditions or in the darkness. Gray lenses help shooters see targets clearly on sunny days since such lenses reduce glare from bright sunlight. 


Shooting practice with targets helps hunters not only stay fit during the off-season but also improve the accuracy of shots. If you choose targets that are close to the real size of the animal, you will have more chances that in a real situation the shot will hit the prey. Targets are suitable for any type of weapon. 

GRITR Sports can provide you with shooting range gear from targets to something as important as hearing or eye protection.