Shotgun Shells

Shotgun Shells

Shotgun Shells

Shotguns may look intimidating, but without corresponding ammo, they are just that, an intimidating attribute of a mobster. Shotguns are still viable as a close combat weapon, not optimal, though. After all, humanity invented firearms to gain the opportunity to fight at a distance. Shotguns cannot boast excellent long-range shooting power, but they are at the top of the list when it comes to close-range shooting. Shotguns are unique in terms of ammunition, as they are the only type of firearms to shoot shells. Not regular seashells, but special shotgun shells.

Shotgun shells are different from other firearm cartridges by form and construction. Shotshells are all rimmed, cylindrical cartridges loaded with a different number of sub-projectiles. It can be either several small spherical projectiles called shots, or a single big solid projectile called a slug. Shots are fired through smoothbore barreled shotguns (and constitute a majority), whereas slugs are exclusive to rifled shotguns.

Shotgun ammo’s case is reinforced by the brass at the base of the cartridge. The case is usually plastic and is always straight-walled. The thick base of the shell holds a primer, which is longer than the primer of rifle and handgun ammunition. This section neighbors propellant, which occupies relatively little space in comparison with other types of ammo. It is followed by a wadding, whose primary purpose is to prevent the propellant from mixing with the shot and the gas from blowing through the shot. Then comes the shot itself, which is the main projectile power, and the crimp, that seals the cartridge.

There are several types of shotgun shells, and due to some peculiarities in the construction, their classification is a bit different from the rest of the ammo. Since shotgun bore diameter is called a gauge rather than a caliber, all shotgun shells are also measured by a gauge they fit. The most popular are 12 gauge shells, followed by 20 gauge shells, and 16 gauge shells. They fit shotguns with corresponding bore diameters and are neither better nor worse than one another. 

Another thing to consider is the chamber length. There are three varieties: 2.75in, 3in, and 3.5in. You can shoot shorter shells from bigger chambers, but not vice versa. Loading a shell too big for the chamber may lead to a firearm malfunction that will damage both the shooter and the gun.

Finally, there is shot size. Naturally, there can be either a higher number of smaller projectiles or a smaller number of bigger ones. The 12 gauge birdshot is designed for waterfowl and upland hunting and features smaller-sized shots. The buckshot 12 gauge has bigger-sized shots and is intended for shooting big-game. This type of shotgun shell is also used for self-defense purposes. 

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