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A quiver is a special holder for arrows, which is attached to a crossbow or a compound bow. Everything is simple. If you are a hunter and you carry arrows in your backpack, you will soon find characteristic holes in it, through which the arrows likely left your backpack. So, arrow quivers will always come in handy.

The arrow holder attaches not only to the crossbow or bow but also it can be attached to a backpack using the Molle system. A hunting quiver usually holds from 3 to 7 arrows.

In addition to the careful transporting of arrows, this accessory has another important function. The archery quiver can help decrease vibrations when pulling the bowstring. It significantly increases the accuracy of shooting. 

Types of Quivers

Whether you are a bowhunter or an archer, you want quick and easy access to arrows. Quivers can be portable, detachable, and spacious. There are four major types of quivers: 

  • Detachable Quivers. Detachable bow quivers are popular among bowhunters. They are easy to attach or detach from your bow. There are different styles of mounting from clicking to locking. What type to choose depends on your shooting preference or hunting situation.
  • Bow-Mounted Quivers. Such gear fits snugly to the bow. However, the quiver bow can’t be detached without a screwdriver. The best bow quiver is lightweight and it helps balance your bow while shooting. 
  • Back Quivers. Such models are suitable both for right and left-handed shooters. The best back quiver provides any archer with quick access to arrows. Shooters, who are keen on sports archery, usually buy this type of quiver.
  • Hip Quivers. It’s the best option for people who don’t like classic quivers but want to have their hands free. Archers like this arrow bag for big pockets, where they can store other accessories. 

Some hunters find arrow bags more comfortable than metal quivers. Everyone to his tastes. Fortunately, GRITR Sports has reliable and cheap arrow quivers for any occasion. Try all four types to decide which quiver is best for you.