Rail Attachments

Rail Attachments

Even though rails are considered the ultimate attachments for all kinds of firearm accessories, their functionality is not limited to scopes, sights, and flashlights only. To be more precise, different types of rails and handguards can mount a different number of attachments. Moreover, some rails need more accessories than others. There are several varieties of rail attachments that allow for more comfortable shooting. 

Rail Covers

If you have ever mounted a rail, you know its edges can be uncomfortably sharp. If little can be done with regular-style mounts like Weaver and Picatinny, some rails can house covers that improve your grip comfort. M-LOK and KeyMod rail covers are some examples. Both of those rail covers can be mounted on so-called “negative space” handguards with numerous slots for mounting accessories. M-LOK rail covers have different slot protrusions than KeyMod ones, but every product page has specifications on compatibility. All AR rail covers snap securely in place to avoid potential shift of the grip panels.

Rail Accessories

Attaching optics is probably the primary function of every rail. However, it is not the only one since rails and handguards can attach other accessories. If you want to shoot from a bipod or tripod, you need an adapter. Some flashlights will have you acquire an additional mount to allow a more forward support hand position or an offset position. The Magpul brand, which developed the M-LOK rail interface system, also produces accessories to increase its rail compatibility with different devices.

Hand Stops

Hand stops allow for the more comfortable deployment of the weapon while keeping your support hand in the same position while firing. It helps you find the correct grip distance without too much fiddling. Hand stops are mounted near the end of the barrel. 

Brass Catchers

You could hardly call picking spent cartridges an entertaining occupation. But the thing is, they are there, and somebody needs to gather them. Reloading or throwing away, maybe utilizing - the reason is secondary. A brass catcher can spare you the headache of collecting cartridges. Once mounted near the ejection port, it catches the spent ammunition. 

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