Break Action Shotguns

Break Action Shotguns

Break Action Shotguns

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Break Action

The break-action shotgun is the primary competitor of the pump-action one for the title of the most iconic shotgun. That contest seems to be everlasting, just like many other disputes on what to consider the classic. One thing is certain, though - the break-barrel shotgun clan is not hanging up their fiddle any time soon. They have been the most common type of action for most of the history of shotguns, and such heritage is not forgotten easily. Overlooked by some in favor of higher-capacity options, these seasoned warriors remain vigilant and are now even more reliable than their ancestors from the centuries past.

Our odes may confuse some people. Indeed, hearing someone singing praises of something you are clueless about might raise many an eyebrow. Before we proceed to describe how great it is to own a break-open shotgun (that’s the third name they go under), it might be reasonable to answer a question: what is a break-action shotgun in the first place? Foregoing the obvious answer that it is a shotgun featuring the relevant action, we’ll get down to the anatomy of the functional mechanism. Break-action firearms have a hinged opening where the barrel meets the chamber. In order to reload a cartridge, you need to break the barrel open on the hinge, load the cartridge into the chamber, and close the hinge shut. Earlier models would also have a hammer that needed to be manually cocked, but modern shotguns lack this obsolete feature. After the round is shot, the shooter needs to remove the spent cartridge from the chamber and repeat the process. This is how the break-action shotgun mechanism works. It certainly doesn’t allow for the highest fire rate, but it was never the point of shotguns’ pride anyway. 

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