Glock Magazines

Glock Magazines

Glock Magazines

Glock pistols have been making the top list of the best-selling handguns for years, and not for no reason. These guns are durable and easy to maintain, while the company is notable for fantastic customer support.

The popularity of Glocks in the U.S. began in the 1980s after the pivotal Miami shooting occurred in 1986. The accident prompted the U.S. police to seek semi-automatic pistols that would replace revolvers, the limited capacity of which became a real problem. At that time, Glocks were taking over Europe, and it caught the attention of U.S. law enforcement.

Glocks have never been standard-issue sidearms for the U.S. Army. However, they were adopted by several LE agencies and services. This fact contributed to the popularity of Glocks among civilians.

Representation and strengths, such as extreme reliability, simplicity of design, customization, and variety of models in all popular calibers, have made these pistols go-to self-defense weapons.

Aftermarket Glock Magazines

Probably, no brand has the aftermarket as huge and prolific as Glock. For example, on, you’ll find a variety of Glock slides, triggers, mag releases, slide stops, and, of course, Glock mags.

It’s worth noting that the magazines the company manufactures in-house boast incredible quality and dependability. We carry Glock-manufactured magazines for all models, from the Glock 17/19 wonder nines and the Glock 21 in .45 Auto to the moppet Glock 43 and rimfire Glock 44. We have high-capacity Glock extended magazines (like the Glock 33-round mag) and mags with extended floorplate that adds grip length for better control over smaller models like Glock 43 and 26 in 9mm and Glock 30 in .45 ACP.

Gritr Sports also offers a wide array of Glock magazines manufactured by other brands. As such, Elite Tactical Systems makes durable translucent Glock mags. Magpul Glock magazines are renowned for being super-stiff and tough. ProMag manufactures cool Glock drum magazines for G43, G43x, G44, G17/G19, and so on.