5.56x45 Rifles

5.56x45 Rifles

5.56x45 Rifles

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Carrying the honor of being the new standard NATO rifle cartridge, 5.56 x 45 became one of the most popular rifle calibers on the market. It was developed on the base of the .223 Remington cartridge and even though the two are not entirely identical, they have similar dimensions. 5.56 rifles have less maneuverability than corresponding handguns, but the former are more numerous. Combining high velocity and magazine capacity with a small size and lightweight design, the 5.56 cartridge became a people’s champion for a reason.

Even though these two calibers carry different names, their story is closely intertwined. It all began with the development of the .223 Remington cartridge that was launched together with the development of a whole new lightweight combat rifle. U.S. Continental Army Command initiated the project to find an alternative to 7.62x51 rifles. Several famous gun makers were invited to participate, including Fairchild Industries, Remington Arms, and Winchester Arms. After two years of development, a .223 Remington cartridge (former .222 Special) was established. In 1963, it was officially accepted and named "Cartridge, 5.56mm ball, M193." In some seven years, NATO members decided to choose another standard caliber, a smaller one, that would replace 7.62x51mm. .223 Remington was chosen as a base for the future cartridge, and, with several changes, it turned into a 5.56 x 45mm cartridge. It had an unconditional advantage of light weight, allowing the soldiers to carry more ammunition for the same weight, in addition to high-velocity and small size.

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