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It took ages for our ancestors to understand that fighting at a distance is safer than close-quarter combat. Or it didn’t, depending on whom you consider your ancestor. What we know for sure is that the most ancient stone arrowheads found are nearly 64 thousand years old. Of course, there were stone spears and javelins that were used as throwing weapons, but there is a significant difference between throwing your whole weapon and shooting projectiles. The latter method is the most efficient and safe, and that’s why it has evolved immensely within the last millennium. Today shooting has also become a leisure activity and has millions of admirers all over the world.

Shooting Gear

The most common variety of shooting today is gun shooting. The art of bow is no longer considered shooting and is called archery. They are two separate disciplines and two different kinds of sports. Shooting is an equipment-based activity, which means you cannot do it without a firearm. There are many varieties of shooting that are traditionally associated with particular types of guns. For example, you won’t go and practice bullseye shooting with a shotgun. At the same time, it’s really hard to excel in clay pigeon shooting with a handgun or a rifle on your side. That’s why it is vital to choose the right firearm for the right occasion. 

Moreover, shooting is not only a sport in its own right but also a vital component for other activities. Take hunting, for example. Of course, you can use traps and maybe even brute force  (wonder who is your prey of choice), but the primary tool for hunting is a firearm. We also wouldn’t call self-defense a leisure activity, but sometimes a gun is the only thing that can prevent misfortune from happening. Firearms are as good or as evil as the people who bear them. We don’t blame a knife for the murder. The same should apply to guns.

Shooting Range gear

For all Americans interested in owning a firearm, we offer our services. You can find all kinds of small guns right here, on Gritr Sports. We got our FFL license several years ago and have been dealing in firearms ever since. Moreover, we, of all people, know that shooting activities often require more than a sole gun. That’s why we have a wide selection of all kinds of shooting gear. This is a place to replenish your ammo reserves and get tools for firearm maintenance. If you are an avid range visitor, we have shooting range gear you might want to take a look at. If you are a law enforcement or military officer, you may find something from our tactical shooting gear collection useful. Whatever you need, we probably have it. Gritr Sports deals only in the best shooting gear available.