Crossbow Accessories

Crossbow Accessories

Crossbow Accessories

You have decided to buy a crossbow or have already purchased it. And now you wonder what crossbow accessories you can add. Imagine, shooting without a scope will not be accurate, the bowstring will quickly break without wax, and you will quickly get tired of cocking the crossbow without a special cocking device.

The Best Crossbow Accessories

  • Crossbow arrows

One can never have too many arrows, right? This is especially true for beginners. Arrows fly past the shield, burrow into the ground, get stuck in trees, and die the death of the brave, breaking against metal constructions. So, you need to purchase a set of special high-level arrows, thanks to which you can achieve better accuracy.

  • Cocking device

The cocking device consists of two handles, which are connected with a strong rope. Сocking a crossbow with such a device is twice as easy and much safer. The use of a cocking device ensures that the bowstring won’t be twisted. This is very important if you want to hit the target. The cocking device will also allow you to unload the crossbow without shooting.

  • Wax

A synthetic crossbow wax is essential for any crossbowman. You need to wax the fibers of the bowstring several times a season. This will significantly increase its life.

  • Arrow puller

At first glance, it may seem that it is not so necessary to buy an arrow puller. In fact, when you try to pull the arrow with your bare hands, they often tend to slip off and you crush or deform the arrow. The arrow puller allows you to pull the arrow, even if you grab a small part of it.

  • Crossbow cases

You need a special case for transporting and storing the crossbow. Such a case protects the sight and bowstring from damages. You can also store crossbow parts and accessories in the case. We provide both hard and soft crossbow cases for sale.

  • Crossbow nock

Arrows need to be protected and repaired if they get damaged. Sometimes one arrow touches another and breaks its nock. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase a set of different crossbow nock types. On GRITR Outdoors you can find half-moon, flat, capture, and omni nock crossbow bolts.

We have all kinds of crossbow accessories for sale on GRITR Sports.