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Scope Covers

Scope Covers

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Like any other piece of equipment, shooting optics deserve to be treated with utmost care. Not only because they will stop functioning otherwise, but because this is the right thing to do. By taking our precious scopes and putting them in scope covers, we extend their service life and ensure that the user experience will be fullest for a longer time. By donning scope lens covers, we guard fragile lenses against the deleterious impact of the environment and occasional scratches. While not critical for the work of the firearm itself, optics are crucial for consistent target acquisition. Should something happen to it, you are left behind without an aiming device and have to get by with the power of your eyesight. That simply won’t do, that’s why we have a whole subcategory for scope lens covers and other protective housing. 

Rifle Scope Covers

There are several ways for you to protect hunting optics from external impact. The first one is to put it into a fabric scope cover that encompasses the whole body of the scope. Even though they won’t provide the same level of protection as a hard-cover scope case, they are nonetheless good at preventing scratches and dirt from affecting both the lens and the body of the scope. The good thing about such covers is that you can put them on without dismounting a scope, which saves time and allows for more versatility. There is one peculiarity you should be aware of: they are usually tailored to fit specific models. Leupold scope covers are made based on the length of the brand’s scopes, the same goes for Vortex scope covers. While this is not much of a problem, don’t expect one scope cover to fit every scope you possess. 

Flip Up Scope Covers

Rifle scope flip-up covers are different from regular covers. While the latter protects the whole body, lens covers for scopes preserve only the most vulnerable part of the optics. They are mounted on the front of the scope and are never taken off because they don’t interfere with aiming. Butler Creek is the most prominent manufacturer of flip-up scope covers, while several other brands like Timber Creek Outdoors produce rubber lens covers that work similarly.

Gritr Sports boasts a rich choice of rifle scope covers. Here you can find everything you need to keep your optical devices protected from the elements.