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Any shooting activity, be it hunting or shooting sport, implies hitting the target. Not everyone has perfect eye vision, and the environmental conditions greatly affect accuracy. If you want to improve the effectiveness of shooting, various sights, night vision devices, and optics will help you. However, any equipment needs care and specific accessories such as flip-up caps and protective scope covers.

If you want your weapon to work perfectly, you need to clean it and lubricate it after each shooting. But you need to take care not only of the weapon itself but also of optical devices. The body and lenses of scopes need protection. Some modern models have durable bodies, however, lenses are still vulnerable. If you keep your scope uncovered, the lens will have a lot of minor scratches. Fortunately, GRITR Sports offers a great range of accessories for sights and optics.

Types of Covers

Scope protectors can be either ocular or objective. The first option is simpler and cheaper. The second one is more difficult since such a cover does not have to be removed completely. You just need to press the button and open a viewing hole through which you can aim or observe the target.

There are 3 major means of protection:

  • Rifle Scope Covers. You certainly need rifle scope lens covers that will protect your equipment from dirt and scratches, whether you leave the optic on your rifle or take it off. We provide hunting covers in different sizes, they also can be adjustable or non-adjustable. 
  • Caps for Red Dot Sights. Covers are not suitable for protecting red dot sights due to their peculiar design. You need special caps for such sights, but you need to select the right size carefully. The caps should fit the red dot sight snugly.
  • Lens Covers. They protect the optical lens from dust and scratches. Such covers are pretty easy to put on and off. They are usually made of rubber, plastic, or steel.

GRITR Sports offers to buy the best scope covers for a comfortable and accurate shooting!