Hunting demands specific gear and clothing for comfort and safety. Simply having a rifle or bow isn't enough, as inadequate preparation can lead to discomfort or injury. Outdoor hunting requires hunting apparel that is waterproof and supportive to combat rain and rough terrain. Hunting gear ensures the success of your trips, providing equipment that allows you to trick animals. Game calls and decoys attract critters to your range, while scent eliminators make you less detectable by species with a superior sense of smell. Anyway, some equipment and garments are optional, while others are essential. Let’s have a brief look at what Gritr Sports has to offer.

Hunting Clothing

Having a layering system of hunting clothes is advantageous because you can combine them to achieve a perfect temperature to keep you warm and prevent your body from generating too much sweat. The basic system consists of a base layer with a moisture management capability - a synthetic or Merino wool hunting shirt and bottoms - and a hunting jacket and pant combo made with quiet fabrics that won’t give up your position as you shoulder the rifle or move around.

Hunting Boots

Footwear is a critical point of your system. Choose hunting boots based on the terrain, weather, and style. The best footwear for mountain hunting is supportive and stiff, and controversially, flat country requires lightweight and flexible boots.

Hunting Gear

Hunting gear is numerous. For stand hunting, you may need blinds, treestands, and seats. Decoys mess with birds’ flocking instincts, and game calls help you attract animals’ attention by mimicking their sounds. Trail cameras help you collect information remotely.

Best Hunting Gear for Sale

Gritr Sports will help you prepare for your upcoming adventures. Visit and shop for gear, electronics, and clothing from such reputable brands as Sitka, Banded, Primos, Kings Camo, Kryptek, Avery, Haydels, Beretta, and others.


What kind of hunting gear do I need for deer hunting?

For deer hunting, essential gear includes camo hunting clothes, like Kryptek camo for concealment, a backpack for storing supplies, deer hunting accessories - calls, scent blockers, kill kit, and other stuff - and good hunting boots for traversing rough terrains.

How do I choose the best hunting clothes?

Select hunting clothes based on camouflage effectiveness for your hunting environment, weather resistance, and comfort. Brands like Sitka offer a range of best hunting clothes including jackets and pants designed for stealth and durability.

Can you recommend durable hunting backpacks?

For durability and functionality, Badlands backpacks and hunting packs are highly recommended. They provide comfort for long hauls and sufficient storage for hunting gear.

What are the essential dog supplies for hunting?

A dog supplies warehouse can offer specialized gear, such as tracking collars, protective vests, and training equipment to ensure your hunting companion is well-prepared and safe during your hunting trips.

What’s the best hunting gear for wet conditions?

For wet conditions, look for robust hunting rain gear that offers waterproof protection without sacrificing breathability - Sitka, Kryptek, or Kuiu.

What duck hunting waders are recommended?

The best duck hunting waders should be completely waterproof, provide insulation for cold water, and offer a secure fit. Brands renowned for creating durable and comfortable waders include those featured in our store Banded, Gator Waders, Drake, Rivers West, and Sitka.

Why is it important to have a layering system for hunting clothes?

Having a layering system ensures you can adapt to changing weather conditions by adding or removing layers. This system helps maintain an optimal body temperature, ensuring comfort and stealth during your hunt.