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Hunting is a resource-consuming activity as you need hunting gear and clothing that ensures comfort. Of course, you can hunt equipped with just a rifle/bow and ammo/arrows but risk having a bad experience and even getting harmed. Being outdoors alone with nature is a serious business. Without a waterproof jacket and pants, you can soak to the skin caught in rain, and without proper supportive hunting boots, you risk getting aching feet in the mountains.

Whereas hunting apparel protects you from elements and ensures body comfort, hunting gear ensures the success of your trips, providing equipment that allows you to trick animals. Game calls and decoys attract critters to your range, while scent eliminators make you less detectable by species with a superior sense of smell.

Anyway, some equipment and garments are optional, while others are essential. Let’s have a brief look at what Grit Sports has to offer.

Hunting Clothing

Having a layering system of hunting clothes is advantageous because you can combine them to achieve a perfect temperature inside your system. A system with perfectly adjusted temperature keeps you warm and prevents your body from generating too much sweat.

As some sweat production is inevitable, especially during periods of high activity, you need a base layer with a moisture management capability. Synthetic and merino wool hunting shirts effectively wick sweat and dry quickly.

Jackets and pants are designed to provide element protection and allow for a wide range of movements. The best hunting jackets and pants are made with quiet fabrics that won’t give up your position as you shoulder the rifle or knock an arrow.

Hunting Boots

Footwear is a critical point of your system that needs special attention. Choose hunting boots based on the terrain, weather, and style. The best footwear for mountain hunting is supportive and stiff, and controversially, flat country requires lightweight and flexible boots.

Hunting Gear

Hunting gear is numerous. For stand hunting, you may need blinds, treestands, and seats. Decoys mess with birds’ flocking instincts, and game calls help you attract animals’ attention by mimicking their sounds. Trail cameras help you collect information remotely.

Best Hunting Gear for Sale

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