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Taking pictures is the easiest way to capture the most significant moments of life. However, photos do not always turn out as we would like. High magnification of optic devices can cause the low sharpness of the image. Fortunately, tripods will help to solve this problem.

Types of Tripods

  • Camera Tripods

Tripods for cameras are usually large and heavy. They can be installed on any hard surface. Tripods are ideal for professional photography, but they can come in handy for family photos or videos on a smartphone as well.

The main advantage of a camera tripod is that you do not need to hold the camera in your hands, so the photos are clear and the video is smooth. It is better to choose a tripod if you run a video blog, but it is definitely not suitable for a selfie.

The legs of the tripod should be made of strong plastic or light metal. Cover plates are usually made of rubber or silicone to prevent slipping. 

Camera tripods can connect to a camera via Bluetooth. Wireless connection is quite convenient. You should clarify whether the accessory will work with your gadget before making a purchase.

  • Travel Tripods

Hunting tripods are a universal device that has the elements of a monopod. The legs of mini tripods are lightweight but they have fixed length. Most often, such tripods are suitable for low height, so they need to be installed on an additional stand.

Travel tripods are much more compact than camera ones, so they are convenient to use for hunting trips and while walking. They are indispensable for those who travel a lot. 

The best travel tripods have some useful additional functions such as flexible legs and a stabilizer. Flexible legs allow you to fix the monopod on almost any surface. The stabilizer is a special device that allows you to get a sharp image in motion or if a strong wind is blowing. You should check if your gadget is equipped with its own stabilizer, before buying such a model. 

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