Often beginners lack information on gear and devices experts use, especially when they have no one to help with valuable advice. Thus, many novice hunters and golfers can be in the dark about the existence of such devices as rangefinders. While you can engage in golf or hunting without this little guy, it can accelerate learning and make activities more joyous.

What’s a Rangefinder

A rangefinder (sometimes spelled as range finder) is a device that combines optics and measuring software and calculates distance toward the target. Other distance measuring tools include GPS, but the ease of use and different assisting features contributed to the popularity of rangefinders.

Usually, you come across laser rangefinders. The working principle behind them is very simple. You push the button, and the rangefinder sends a laser beam to the object. The object reflects the beam, and the rangefinder catches it and converts the traveling time into yardage.

Mind that objects vary in their capability to reflect light. That’s where you should learn about reflective range, otherwise called effective range. Reflective range is the maximum ranging distance for high-reflective objects. But such targets as animals, trees, and flagsticks are considered non-reflective. The effective range for such objects is smaller. For example, a 1000-yard hunting rangefinder ranges deer at a maximum of 600 yards and a tree at 800 yards, whereas a 1000-yard golf rangefinder has a flagstick range of about 500 yards.

Golf and Hunting Rangefinders

Additional features make rangefinders even more helpful. Rangefinders for hunting often include an angle compensation feature that calculates the horizontal distance to the target. It helps hunters take more accurate uphill or downhill shots.

Golf rangefinders have a similar function called slope feature. It also calculates the true horizontal distance to the target, accounting for elevation changes. On top golf rangefinders, the feature can be turned off to show only actual distance because the tournament rules forbid the use of the slope feature.

In first/second target priority mode, rangefinders measure yardage to either foreground or background objects.

Best Rangefinders for Sale

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