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Everyone saw American westerns. The survivor is the one who is the first to grab a revolver from his cowboy gun holster. However, one second can cost your life in reality.

A pistol holster is a bag or case for carrying, fixing, and operating a pistol or revolver. Primary requirements are the efficiency of weapon usage and the safety of the owner. 

Holsters are made of:

  • Leather. It is a traditional holster material that is still popular today. Leather gun holsters are durable, versatile, and attractive. Leather is a great choice for concealed gun holsters. It adapts both to the body and to the weapon. In addition to a gun case, you can also buy leather magazine holsters.
  • Kydex. It is hard plastic, which is the most durable material. Every Kydex holster is designed for a specific weapon. This material does not absorb water, sweat, or dirt. 
  • Synthetics. The majority of holsters are made of synthetic fabrics. Such holsters are more waterproof than leather ones. Moreover, they may be more comfortable than Kydex holsters because they are less rigid.

Pistol Holster Types

There are two major types: 

  • Tactical Holsters

Belt Holster. A pistol holster belt is the most popular model. It keeps the weapon aside, but at the same time, the pistol is easy to access. So when you want to grab your gun, you know exactly where it is. 

Pocket Holster. Most pocket holsters are not attached to the inside of the pocket, allowing them to be moved quickly and easily. 

Leg Gun Holster. Such models are necessary if you have additional weapons. They are often missed during the search.

  • Operational Holsters

An operational holster is designed to remove the pistol as quickly as possible. This category usually includes all kinds of shoulder holsters. They are often made without a cap. The gun itself is fixed either by friction or by a magnet. These concealed gun holsters are located under the arm and are hardly noticeable under a jacket.

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