Scope & Sight Accessories

Scope & Sight Accessories

Scope & Sight Accessories

Good optics is great, but good optics with accessories is even greater. These devices will significantly expand the capabilities of a scope or sight, protect, and simplify their operation.

GRITR Sports offers a wide variety of archery sight accessories, so you can quickly select the right tool. We can help you  improve your optical device. On GRITR Sports you can find accessories of such reliable brands as Vortex, Leupold, and Nightforce.

Scope Sunshades

Shooting on summer days is not that easy. It’s next to impossible to hit the target without sunglasses. However, it’s hardly comfortable. That’s why the rifle scope sunshade was invented. 

A sunshade won’t let any sunlight in while you’re aiming. You can thread together 44 mm or 40mm scope sunshades to create a custom length.

Scope Levels

Rifle scope levels allow shooters to assess the tilt of the weapon. Such an accessory allows shooters to keep the reticle level without changing their positions. You should be sure that you maintain the average level form while aiming and shooting. 

Scope Throw Levers

Throw levers help you quickly adjust the magnification of your scope. They are easy to attach and detach. Levers usually do not rust thanks to high-quality aluminum alloy. We have all types of scope throw levers on a budget. Every shooter can find the right accessory depending on personal needs.

Outfit your rifle scope with all the best scope accessories to protect and maximize its performance in the field here at We've got flip-up scope caps that shield your objective lenses from damage and moisture, and you can get kill flashes that prevent your scope from giving away your position. If you need to ensure you're taking a level shot, make sure you mount one of our scope bubble levels on your rifle. Finally, don't forget to add a scope coat to your rifle scope to keep it dry and scratch-free in the field.

Ready your scope for operation in the field with the top rifle scope accessories at GRITR Sports.