Handgun Grips

Handgun Grips

The ability ​to hold a handgun in your hand is ​literally in the firearm's name. A pistol ​grip is the component that makes ​it possible. This handle allows​ a user to hold their firearm and ​control its orientation and firing. ​The right grip can significantly impact ​the accuracy, comfort, and overall performance when ​shooting. Similarly, a poorly built grip will be ​a major hindrance. Changing a pistol grip can improve your ​control over the firearm, enhance the gun's aesthetics, ​and provide a more comfortable ​shooting experience. Upgrading your grip is​ an effective way to customize your handgun ​to better suit your shooting style ​and hand size.

Grip Modules 

In our diverse ​range of handgun grips, some​ of the most popular grip​ modules include ​the Sig P365 grip module, P320 grip module,​ P365 XL grip module, Sig P320 ​grip module, and ​the Wilson Combat grip module ​P365. The Sig P365 grip module​ offers a compact, ​ergonomic design perfect for​ concealed carry. The P320 grip ​module provides versatility​ with its interchangeable design, allowing users ​to customize their firearm's grip size. ​The P365 XL grip module features an extended​ beavertail for improved control ​during rapid-fire. The ​Sig P320 grip module is known for​ its enhanced grip texture, providing ​a secure grip even under ​wet conditions. Lastly, the​ Wilson Combat grip module P365 offers​ a tactical advantage with​ its aggressive texturing​ and reshaped, sculpted ​profile for improved handling.

Grip Panels 

Grip panels are ​flat, often textured pieces ​attached to the sides of a pistol grip, ​providing a more comfortable and secure​ hold. Grip panels can be ​made from various materials, including ​wood, polymer, or G10, each ​offering different aesthetics and grip qualities. Among ​grip panels, the 1911 grip panels stand ​out for their classic appeal and improved​ handling. But, whether ​you're looking for traditional 1911 grip​ panels or modern, textured pistol​ grip panels, our selection ​has something to offer every​ shooter. Remember, the right ​grip panels on a pistol can​ significantly enhance its ​appearance and your shooting​ experience. Explore our extensive collection ​today to find the perfect match​ for your firearm.

Gritr Sports boasts ​an extensive collection of pistol grip modules and ​panels for a wide variety of handguns. We ​work together with such brands as Hogue, ​Wilson Combat, Beretta and others to​ bring the market's finest​ goods for your consideration​.


What is a pistol grip module?

A pistol grip module is ​essentially the frame of a firearm that ​houses the internal components. A grip module is the term​ used by some companies. Some modules are ​customizable, allowing you to adjust the​ size and shape to fit your hands ​perfectly.

What are grip panels and how do they work?

Grip panels ​are detachable parts of a pistol grip ​that can be replaced or customized ​according to your preference. ​They come in various ​materials (like rubber, wood, or G10) and ​designs to provide a comfortable​ and secure grip, enhancing​ the shooter's control over the​ firearm.

Can I install a new pistol grip module myself?

Yes, most ​pistol grip modules are designed to be ​user-installable. However, it's important ​to ensure you're following ​the manufacturer's instructions ​closely to avoid any damage to ​the firearm. If you're ​unsure, it's always best to have it ​installed by a professional gunsmith.