Airsoft Accessories

Airsoft Accessories

Airsoft Accessories

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Airsoft often requires the purchase of a wide variety of additional equipment. At first sight, the new weapon seems beautiful and indestructible. However, the euphoria passes, and some of the shortcomings of your weapon become evident. The plastic case doesn't seem so solid anymore, the noise from loose parts not only gets on your nerves but also discloses your location to the enemy. In general, it's time to think about airsoft accessories.

  • Balls. They are the most irreplaceable part of the airsoft gun accessories. You will be purchasing them all the time, so take care of buying enough of them at the very beginning.
  • Carbon Fiber Tanks. You will have to buy gas for some pistols and machine guns. If your weapon has a CO2 system, standard cartridges will do.
  • Adapters. Some elements of airsoft guns are either not available or are not of very high quality. This goes primarily about adapters. Lithium-polymer adapters have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are more enduring at low temperatures, the service life is higher than Nickel-Magnesium.
  • Lubricants. You should take care of your airsoft weapon. Periodically, it needs to be cleaned. You can do it with ordinary silicone grease and in some cases, you’ll need lubricants for cylinders and gears.
  • Magazines. They are most often purchased as additional airsoft rifle accessories. This is done for convenience during the game. It is much easier to change the magazine than to fill the balls in it. Mechanical magazines are suitable for machine guns, although they are smaller in volume, they are distinguished by reliability and great resemblance to combat counterparts. 
  • Face Protection. Helmets, glasses, and masks are mandatory. What to choose is a matter of your personal preferences and needs. It is more convenient to play with glasses, but with a mask, you protect your entire face. Although airsoft players often buy protection for the lower part of the face, they use goggles for the eyes, thus solving the issue of discomfort and safety. 

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