Any weapon should be stored unloaded and in a special case. The case is necessary not only for storage but also for transportation and carrying. There are many special cases that are used for specific purposes. The choice depends on the type of weapon and personal preferences. Experienced shooters have several different cases for any occasion. 

The gun storage should fix the gun and protect it from falling out. At the same time, the shooter should be able to freely remove the weapon from the case. 

Types of gun storage:

  • Hidden Furniture. Such furniture has a secret compartment, where you can store your weapon. Hidden gun storage furniture is a great option for people who have children. Hide your guns and keep your family safe.
  • Soft Cases. They are usually made of nylon and polyester. Such cases for carrying weapons are durable, wear-resistant, and water-repellent. Soft walls will not save the gun from serious mechanical damage, but they will protect it from dust, water, and scratches. Their advantages are that they are lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Hard Cases. The hard case for weapons is made of polymeric materials that are very durable. Such models are ideal for long-term transportation of weapons, ammunition, and vulnerable devices such as optics. Hard cases protect your ammo against mechanical damage. 

Types of pistol holsters:

  • Belt Holster. Law enforcement officers usually use this type of storage. It is designed usually for large guns. 
  • Underarm Holster. Such firearm storage is suitable for those who spend a lot of time driving or sitting in a car. These cases have straps across each shoulder to distribute the weight of the weapon.
  • Pocket Holster. It’s very convenient to carry your weapon in your pocket. However, it causes wear and tear of your apparel. Pocket gun storage will solve this problem. 
  • Ankle Holster. Such models are necessary for additional weapons. Their main advantage is that they are well camouflaged. 

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