.22 Bullets

.22 Bullets

.22 Reloading Bullets

Reloading your own .22 caliber ammunition isn't just about saving money, although that's certainly a perk. It's also about gaining control over your shooting experience and immersing yourself in the hobby you love. You can customize your .22 ammo to enhance accuracy and consistency. Plus, there's something satisfying about understanding the mechanics of shooting on a deeper level.

Choosing the Right .22 Bullets

When shopping for.22 bullets for reloadingremember this: .22 caliber bullets we have here are .224 inches in diameter and are rifle bullets. So, they fit rifle calibers like .22-250 and are not intended for reloading .22 LR ammo.

The grain of a 22 bullet, referring to its weight, can vary from 30 to 80 grains. Why does this matter? Well, a lighter bullet tends to travel faster, while a heavier one offers more stability. The choice will depend on your specific firearm, caliber, and purpose.

.22 Bullets for Sale at Gritr Sports

At GRITR Sports, we're proud to offer a wide array of .22 caliber bullets from leading manufacturers like Nosler, Hornady, Sierra, Remington, and more. We understand that different shooters have different needs, which is why our inventory includes various .22 bullet designs.

For varmint hunting, polymer-tip bullets are a popular choice thanks to their rapid expansion upon impact. If you're hunting larger game, consider soft-point bullets that offer controlled expansion and deep penetration.

Into target shooting? Our match hollow point bullets made to be fired from a rifle are designed for extreme precision.

No matter if you're a shooting enthusiast or a hunter, we at GRITR Sports are here to help you find the high-quality .22 bullets that meet your needs.


What cartridges do .22 bullets fit?

.22 rifle bullets having a diameter of .224 inches are compatible with cartridges that have a bullet diameter of .224 inches, such as the .22-250 Remington.

What is the grain range of .22 bullets?

The grain of .22 bullets, referring to their weight, typically ranges from 30 to 80 grains.

How to choose .22 reloading bullets?

To choose the right .22 bullets for reloading, consider the purpose (target practice vs. hunting), which will determine the bullet design (HP, SH, etc.). Also, consider the bullet weight (grains). Lighter bullets tend to travel faster and have a flatter trajectory, making them useful for longer-range shooting. Heavier bullets, on the other hand, are slower but often provide better penetration.

What’s the size of a .22 bullet?

A .22 bullet is .224 caliber or 5.7 mm in diameter.