Rifle Bullets

Rifle Bullets

Rifle bullets ​are different from ​other types of ammunition​ in several ​respects. They are typically​ longer, more​ streamlined, and have a​ higher velocity compared to handgun​ bullets. The shape ​and design of rifle bullets ​are intentionally made for ​long-range accuracy and to maintain their​ ballistic performance over​ distance. The most common and​ honestly the only way of ​using rifle bullets is reloading. ​If you are into reloading your​ own ammunition and​ own a rifle, you simply ​can't do without rifle bullets. Here're​ some of the​ rifle bullet types you ​can find on Gritr Sports.

Soft Point Rifle Bullet

The soft point rifle ​bullet, often known as a "lead tip," is a ​popular choice among hunters. The ​exposed lead at the tip of​ the bullet helps to​ initiate expansion upon ​impact, causing the bullet to ​mushroom and deliver a ​wide wound channel. ​That makes the soft​ point bullet particularly ​effective for hunting game where​ deep penetration and high energy transfer are​ important. Despite its age,​ the soft point bullet remains a​ relevant and versatile choice.

Spire Point Rifle Bullet

The spire point rifle​ bullet is characterized by ​its aerodynamic shape, with a ​pointed tip that significantly ​reduces air resistance. This design allows for a flatter trajectory ​and greater accuracy over ​long distances, making spire point bullets a ​favorite among target shooters ​and varmint hunters. They are widely used ​for small game hunting and plinking. ​While they may not expand as dramatically as soft ​point bullets, their reliability and consistent performance ​make them a popular choice.

Flex Tip Rifle Bullet

The flex tip rifle​ bullet features an innovative​ design that combines the benefits ​of the traditional hollow point bullet​ and the pointed bullet. ​The flexible tip aids in aerodynamics ​while also promoting rapid, controlled ​expansion upon impact. This combination ​of features results in a bullet that can fly straight and true, then deliver​ devastating damage on impact. ​Flex tip bullets are often chosen for​ both hunting and self-defense ​purposes, offering a versatile solution​ that adapts to various situations.

Gritr Sports​ boast a wide selection of rifle bullets. There ​are many calibers to choose from ​(22 long rifle bullets are one of the most ​numerous categories), and types don't lag behind. On ​this page, you can find any rifle bullet ​you may need, most likely, at least. ​We work with such​ industry experts as Hornady, Winchester Ammo, Sierra and others to ​deliver you the best products ​the market has to offer.​


What are rifle bullets made of?

Rifle bullets are​ typically made from a lead core that​ is often jacketed in another metal ​such as copper or steel. Some ​specialized bullets may use other materials like ​tungsten or steel for the core.

What is the ​difference between soft point and ​spire point rifle bullets?

Soft point bullets have ​an exposed lead tip ​designed to expand upon impact, ​making them ideal for hunting. Spire​ point bullets, on the other​ hand, have a pointed tip that​ reduces air resistance, offering ​greater accuracy over ​long distances.

Can I use any type of rifle bullet in my rifle?

Not all bullets can​ be used in all rifles. It's essential to ​match the caliber and size of ​the bullet to your specific rifle. Always​ refer to your firearm's manual ​or consult with a knowledgeable ​source to ensure you're using the ​correct ammunition.