Rimfire Ammo

Rimfire Ammo

Rimfire Ammo

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Even though centerfire ammunition can boast higher stopping power and might be referred to as “true ammo” by some not very accepting shooters, the popularity of rimfire ammo and firearms speaks for itself. The notorious .22 LR is what many novice firearm enthusiasts begin with, and a good deal of them never really say goodbye to this caliber. Popular with beginners and seasoned shooters alike, 22 Long Rifle ammo bears the title of the most affordable ammo and goes toe-to-toe with 9mm for the name of the most popular caliber out there. It is considered to be the best choice for target shooting, plinking, and varmint hunting. 

To be fair, 22 LR ammo is not the only member of the rimfire family, just the most popular one. It shares the chamber with several varieties of .17 cartridges, as well as many other types of .22 rimfire ammo, including .22 Long, .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, .22 Winchester Automatic, and several others. In case those names don’t ring any bells, and you are still wondering what rimfire ammo is, it might be worth giving a brief introduction. 

The main distinctive feature of rimfire ammo is the position of the primer. As the name suggests, such cartridges have the primer located within a hollow rim protruding from the base of the cartridge case. The firing pin strikes the rim crushing it and sparking the compound within. This, in turn, ignites the propellant within the case. Unlike centerfire cartridges, 22 caliber ammo is not reloadable but the cheap production cost makes up for this drawback. There was a time when high demand brought about an acute shortage of this type of ammo, but we have no issue with 22 cartridge supplies. 

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