BCG's & Bolts

BCG's & Bolts

BCG's & Bolts

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There isn’t a single part of the rifle that is not busy doing some important work. Every component has a purpose and place of its own. It wouldn't be appropriate to say that one part is more important than the other. Nonetheless, the bolt carrier group enjoys the title of the heart of the AR because of all the miracles it works. Strictly speaking, BCG’s function is to make the gun work, no more, no less. Since ARs are the most customizable firearms, it comes as no surprise that there are dozens of brands that manufacture AR BCGs. We ourselves have quite a collection gathered on this page, so the chances are high you’ll find the one you need.

AR-15 BCG is a part of the upper receiver - the top half of the rifle that makes the gun fiction. The bolt carrier group is its central component. It contains all the elements vital for consistent action circulation. A bolt, as your intuition might suggest, is only a part of the bolt carrier group. So make sure you don’t underorder or overorder anything.

Bolt carrier group houses several components vital for the firearm's operation. The bolt carrier is the BCG’s primary housing that contains all other important elements. These include the firing pin, gas key, cam pin, retainer pin, extractor, and bolt. There are four major steps of the shooting process for which the bolt carrier group is responsible. First of all, it allows the firing pin to strike the primer of the cartridge loaded into the chamber. After the shot is fired, it crabs the spent case and ejects it through a port. Utilizing the force of gas, it recocks the hammer, preparing it for the next round. Finally, it grabs a new round from the mag and chambers it. As you can guess, this is the most active component of an AR and is thus prone to wear.

Even if wear becomes an issue, you can always get a new bolt or bolt carrier right here. Gritr Sports is your online gun store fueled by passion and freedom, and we have dozens of AR bolt carrier groups and bolts for you to choose from. We work with the industry leaders, such as FailZero, CMMG, Remington Arms, and many others, to bring you the best product available.