Chest Rigs

Chest Rigs

Chest Rigs

A rig helps you carry your tactical equipment while keeping your hands free and granting you instant and easy access to your gear. Rigs keep your ammo around your chest, so it will be useful for any shooting activity. The best chest rigs provide space not only for ammo but also for other tactical equipment.

Chest rigs have a long history. The famous pirate Edward Teach, who was better known as Blackbeard, carried several pistols around his chest to keep them accessible in an emergency situation.

The Americans had a grenade vest that looked like a modern shotgun chest rig during WWI. Then the Germans, British, and Canadians officially adopted military chest rigs in their army.

Nowadays tactical chest rigs and plate carrier chest rigs are the most popular models among shooters. Their main advantage is mobility.

How to choose the right chest rigs?

Tactical chest rigs help to keep your hands free while carrying ammo and other gear. While choosing a chest rig one has to consider the following features:

  • Color. Camo patterns are the best options as they blend well with the environment. Such patterns are suitable for military missions. Green and brown ones are perfect for shooting at the range. 
  • Storage capacity. Some rigs have only molle-webbings, while other models have pockets. The best option will be the rig with both webbings and pockets for more functionality. 
  • Shoulder straps. Choosing a suitable size for shoulder straps is essential for your mobility. There are two major types of straps, “H” and “X”. Every type fits specific needs. X-straps are the basic ones with a cross in the back. Such rigs are suitable for women who usually carry a lightweight load. Rigs with H-straps are quite durable, which makes them perfect for heavy loads.
  • Material. Chest rigs are usually made of nylon or Cordura. Cordura is a synthetic fiber that is used in manufacturing military wear. Cordura fabrics are durable and resistant to wearing and tearing. Nylon is a heavy-duty synthetic material, which is also firm for rigs.

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