Other Handgun Calibers

Other Handgun Calibers

Other Handgun Calibers

No one would argue that the world of pistols is dominated by several major calibers. Consequently, the variety of ammo for these calibers is unparalleled to others that have to settle for less recognition and ammunition options. But less doesn’t mean no, and the fact that some calibers are less popular than the others doesn’t mean they’ll lose in ammo quality. At the end of the day, if there is a firearm, there needs to be ammunition it can shoot. The two go in pairs, and maybe the variety of options leaves much to be desired, the quality is nothing short of exemplary.

We did our best to gather the ammo for less widespread calibers that can compete with the more popular ammo type of the finest make. You’ll surely see some familiar names since there are fewer ammo makers than firearm producers, which is not necessarily bad. At the end of the day, if they produce quality ammo for 9mm pistols, why should ammo for less popular calibers be any different?

Magnum Ammo

Magnum calibers are known for their enlarged cases and more powerful loads. Quality plays a key role in every type of ammo, but with bigger power comes bigger responsibility. Due to the bigger load of propellant, the manufacturer needs to make sure case walls are thick enough to withstand the energy released with a shot. There are several reliable centerfire ammo manufacturers whose products you can find here. Be it .357 Magnum ammo, Magnum 22 and 44 ammo, or 500 S&W ammo, Federal, Hornady, and CCI can provide you with reliable ammunition for your high-power pistols. 

10mm Auto Ammo

This caliber was the major inspiration and basis for the more popular 40 S&W. However, the former FBI agent didn’t sink into oblivion. 10mm Auto ammo is still produced by many manufacturers, including the industry major Magtech

We won’t dedicate a whole paragraph to every ammo type we have available on Gritr Sports. Suffice it to say we have plenty. If you own a firearm, acquired in the United States, we are very likely to have ammo fit for it.