Other Handgun Calibers

Other Handgun Calibers

Other Handgun Calibers

We all know the Big Five of the pistol calibers’ world. You can find the members of this super-union in other subcategories of our website. There is also one and only leader in the field of rimfire calibers (it’s not hard to guess which one). An inexperienced mind might think that’s all the realm of pistols has to offer. To some, this might seem like a great example of an oligarchy. However, there is so much more to pistols than the six calibers you’ll see in every single top. Of course, sticking to time-tested variants is 100% reasonable, and the variety and affordability (sometimes) of the ammo for major calibers is another reason not to stray from the beaten path. But some will say that only untraveled routes can lead you to the most interesting places, and they won’t be wrong. The choice of pistol calibers is much more varied than you could’ve expected, and this subcategory is dedicated solely to them. Here you’ll see the calibers that weren’t lucky enough to enter the crowd’s favorite group but are nonetheless worthy of your attention.  

Magnum Calibers

Even though no one would say that every fifth pistol sold is chambered in Magnum, this cartridge family is by no means unheard of. Featuring larger cases and more powerful loads, these calibers grant users power unmatched by regular cartridges. We have the renowned 357 Magnum for sale as well as pistols chambered in Magnum 22, Magnum 44, and 500 S&W. 

10mm Auto

Having a few years of service in FBA in its track record, 10mm Auto is known for being the prototype for its more popular descendant - 40 S&W. Even though it’s been a while since this cartridge gave ground to the next generation, this cowboy has got some fight left in him. 


Known to every fan of AK-47 rifles, 7.62x39mm is a caliber featured in several Century Arms AK-style semi-automatic pistols. Having passed the test of time this caliber has no plans of leaving the market. 

.300 AAC Blackout

Also known as 7.62x35mm, this caliber has nonetheless nothing in common with the above-mentioned cartridge. Even though it’s a rifle cartridge, Daniel Defense developed a Blackout 300 AR-15 style pistol. A perfect fit for those who want to combine the compactness of a handgun with the power of a rifle. 

That list of calibers is far from complete. Here, on Gritr Sports, you can find dozens of pistols chambered in less widespread calibers. Despite being less popular, they are produced by the industry’s majors such as Magnum Research, Taurus, and several others.