.380 Auto Ammo

.380 Auto Ammo

.380 Auto Ammo

The .380 ACP (also called .380 Auto, 9mm Browning, 9x17mm Short) was created by John Moses Browning and introduced into the market by Colt in 1908. It is a light, small, rimless, straight-walled cartridge. Since it was never adopted by the US law enforcement agencies and military due to the lack of stopping power, it is mostly referred to as the handgun cartridge for personal defense.

A .380 subcompact handgun is perfect for concealed carry. But still, many shooters consider the 380 Auto a bad choice compared to 9mm rounds because of the reduced velocity of the former. That is true on the paper as 9mm is in fact a superior cartridge. Yet, it doesn’t mean that the .380 Auto isn’t deadly.

What makes a good personal defense cartridge?

According to FBI standards, as far as penetration is concerned, the bullet penetrating at least 12 inches but no more than 18 inches has enough power to effectively stop an attacker. Most of the quality .380 Auto rounds loaded to 90 grains or more don’t go over 18 inches and can’t over-penetrate the target which means that you won’t hurt an innocent bystander.

Expansion comes second to penetration. Hollow-point bullets “mushroom” when striking a target which results in greater damage and, hence, are effective at stopping a threat. Some of the .380 designs loaded to 95 grains and more (such as Winchester .380 ammo) have a bullet expansion diameter of 6 inches and more.

The velocity of a cartridge is essential too as it influences the expansion, penetration, and accuracy. A 90-grain projectile is heavy enough to inflict damage that will stop an attacker.

As far as the recoil is concerned, you need to know the following. If we compare .380 and 9mm handguns having the same dimensions, the .380 round’s recoil is milder. But the smaller and lighter the handgun, the more felt recoil it will give. Fortunately, gun manufacturers produce a huge variety of big .380 pistols.

Ammunition performance differs depending on the manufacturer. If you are attentive and choose the cartridge brand providing the right specs for you, you’ll be able to stop a thread about as effectively as with 9mm ammo. 

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